Making and installation of sliding gates

Fashion for sliding gates came quite recently, but they have already become quite popular in operation, because they not only look much more aesthetic, but also save quite a lot of time when opening, without creating complications both for traffic, in case of its existence, and for it, and for trees.

There are several types of sliding gates, but we will consider how to independently make a console -type gate, which is more often used in operation. The gate canvas itself can conditionally be divided into a functional part and console. The length of the second part should be about 50% of the width of the opening. Thus, the load on the rollers is minimized.

Therefore, before starting work, it is important to make competent calculations of the gap dimensions. This can be done either in a special form, independently, or attract specialists or buy sliding gates.

Installation of the gate

The installation of the gate does not require much effort, so you can always do it yourself. One of the important points is the foundation. In order to attach the rollers to the foundation, a mortgage part is necessary, which should be made of a channel of 12 cm, to which the reinforcement of 12 mm is welded.

The depth of the foundation should break out up to frozen soil, at least 2000 mm. The pit under the foundation is dug as close to the gate as possible, and the channel is instilled in the same way. The embedded parts should only be laid with the level of the level horizontally, and this is very important that later the gates do not distort.

It should be remembered that the gate cloth itself should be on the inner territory, and move along the rails along the fence with the help of rollers.

The base for the gate can be made from:


Pile monolithic foundation;

The foundation of screw piles.

Before directly cementing, all the necessary wires are laid. Filled concrete should stand at least 10 days until it dries completely. As soon as the foundation is prepared, you can start mounting the gate themselves.

For the manufacture of a frame, a profile pipe is required 60×40, a crate from a pipe 20×20 and 20×40. Thanks to these parameters, later it will be easily easily sheathed with any material. After the welding of the frame is produced, the last stage comes – the installation of the gate. For this, it is necessary to calculate the distance between roller supports and technological retreats. Thus, in the process, the load on the rollers decreases.

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