Making a decorative fountain. Review of the main stages

A decorative fountain is a great solution for decorating a summer cottage if you need a park fountain? Tel. (910) 705-46-27 approved by professionals.. The fountain will allow residents to enjoy the beauty of flowing waters. The most important thing is that to create this design you do not have to make special efforts. You can make it from ordinary concrete. Practice shows that technology is extremely simple and not too costly.


The arrangement of the fountain will require the following materials:

A mixture for concrete.

Kashpo for flowers (from plastic).



Foam (to create formwork).

Tubes (from polypropylene).

Creating a form

The formation of the fountain from the formwork begins. Often, a wooden formwork is used to pour concrete. However, the best option is the foam design. The advantages of this material include insignificant weight and ease of use. In addition, it lends itself well to cutting. Concrete does not stick to this material. Thus, the created form can be used to create many similar fountains.

To combine numerous details into a single whole, you need to use ordinary adhesive tape. It is important that the sheets of foam are in integrity. Each scratch and another defect will be transferred to concrete walls, which will negatively affect its appearance.

Thus, buying polystyrene, it is recommended to carefully examine the sheets, and then carefully transport them, avoiding damage to the material. For cutting, it is best to use a hand circular saw with a wood disk. With its help, you can quickly process the material enough. In addition, the tool is easy to use, respectively, any home master will cope with the task.

Of course, it is very problematic to make an ideal cut in the material, since the saw will be strongly plunged into it. However, do not worry about the fact that the cut will be wavy.

To slightly tear the cut of the disk, you can wrap it with tape along the end. If there are images drawn by paint on the processed plates, or any textual information, then these surfaces must be placed so that they do not concern concrete in the future. For the maximum strength of the form, you need to wrap with tape around the perimeter. It needs to be strongly pulled to ensure the best effect.

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