Living room in modern style

The modern style of the interior is mainly the ideas of “minimalism”. Currently, a large number of designers prefer this style for its conciseness, relevance and practicality.

The interior in the modern style affects all aspects of the atmosphere of the house: furniture, surfaces, textiles, lighting, accessories, etc. D. In other words, a modern house or apartment is an ideal symbiosis of modesty, nobility and grace.

What should be paid to, planning an interior in a modern style? First of all, these are finishing materials and furniture items. Designers prefer chrome metal, plastic, glass.

The walls should be pasted not with ordinary paper or vinyl wallpaper, but a relief, so -called “liquid” material. If you use wood in the decoration, then it must be valuable wood species or their quality imitation.

The choice of furniture should also prefer a modern style. And this means that it is necessary to abandon bulky objects: bulky walls, large cabinets and puffy sofas and armchairs.

If a living room is planned in a modern style, then a small coffee table made of glass, a compact slide, an elegant cabinet for TV and audio equipment are also quite enough for it from glass or plastic.

In the living room, made in the modern style of the rifs and carpets are not needed. Laminate or parquet – this is what is optimally suitable for the interior of minimalism. Wooding blocks made of wood should be replaced by modern plastic windows.

There can be several options for the installation of the ceiling and one of the most preferred – this is a glossy stretch ceiling. The suspended multi -level ceiling also looks good.

Accessories in a room made in a classic style should be at a minimum. And all paintings, figurines, panels should be strict and without excessive monograms, lace and vignettes.

Colors for the modern interior are selected as carefully as possible. White, gray shades with small interspersed of brown, black, silver or metal flowers should prevail in the living room or bedroom.

You can familiarize yourself with the rules for the design of housing in the modern style by this link. On the site you will find all the necessary information regarding the living room in the modern style.

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