Legs in our hands – we make the perfect pedicure at home

To make the perfect pedicure are used to going to the beauty salon? And this, of course, is right. But every self -respecting girl needs to independently be able to maintain the beauty of her legs. Moreover, it is not so difficult to do. With the help of several elementary tools and techniques, it is possible to extend the beauty of the salon pedicure, while not a little saving money and time.

High -quality pedicure is a magnificent way to increase your self -esteem. After spending only 20 minutes, “conjuring” over your feet, you acquire an unprecedented self -confidence.

Care, as a rule, begins with the choice of accessories:

First, get a nail file designed to shorten and eliminate irregularities

There is a huge selection of different files. They are with different abrasive coatings, different colors and shapes. The file should be chosen, in accordance with the type of nails, the desired roughness. The tool with high imagery is suitable for artificial nails. A file with lower roughness is suitable for sawing natural. The files are made from various materials, this affects their wear resistance, cost and resistance to disinfectants. Alessandro Stiletto Pedicure File pedicure is mowed edges for processing corners and hard -to -reach areas of the nail, so you can easily create any shape.

The next but no less important tool for pedicure and manicure is scissors with rounded tips.

They can be cut out the edge of the nail, trimming it and giving the desired length, they are also suitable for cutting the cuticle. So that the tool serves as long as possible and the blades do not stop, the scissors should be treated very carefully and use only for its intended purpose. It’s good to sharpen such a tool is difficult, better and easier to purchase a new one, but this is additional expenses. It is easier to avoid such a problem with the correct use and storage. There are scissors of special alloys with increased wear resistance, such as scissors for manicure and pedicure Alessandro Tweezerman Nail Scissors.

Pusher for pushing the cuticle and coarse skin at the base of the nail.

There are many varieties of these tools, choose the one with which it will be most convenient to work.  Pusher should not be too sharp, otherwise you can easily injure the nail, the handle should not be smooth, otherwise the tool will slide in the hand when working. It is better when the handbag has a rough, ribbed surface or with a special recess for fingers. For example, a Pedikure Pedicure Alessandro Tweezerman Cuticle Pusher.

Also, it is not bad to have wooden sticks for moving the cuticle in their cosmetic bag.

Used to push the dead skin, and to cleanse the overgrown edge of the nail. Already from the name of which this tool is made, the orange tree has the desired density and softness at the same time since the rose wood sticks are, so it is convenient to work with them, without afraid to damage the skin. Their only drawback is that they are not amenable to disinfection, because of this, wooden sticks should be disposable, for example, sticks for manicure and pedicure Alessandro Rose Wood Sticks.

Buffs for grinding nails before polishing.

There are buffs with different abrasiveness, suitable for either natural or artificial nails. On these devices, as a rule, nothing is written, buying such a tool should be consulted with the seller or determine the intensity of roughness to the touch. For example, the Alessandro Sanding Block polishing block is designed to process natural nails.

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