Key points in the insulation of the attic

The attic insulation is a very important part of the thermal insulation of the whole house. It is recommended not to neglect even if the attic is not used as a dwelling. Cold from the street from the street through the attic, and heat leaves out of the house.

It is imperative to insulate the cold attic if this was not done during the construction of the house. In a private house for insulation of the attic, it will require insulation of fronts, roofs, as well as gender.

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Choose the insulation

We make special stuffing

Before the start of insulation, waterproofing the roof must be performed. It is very important to know all the details of how to insulate the attic at the proper level, which will make it possible to get a qualitative result.

Thermal insulation will not be able to perform its immediate functions without waterproofing, because it can completely collapse under the influence of moisture penetrating into the attic space. Waterproofing allows you to protect against a variety of atmospheric precipitation. A variety of materials can be used for insulation of the attic.

Choose the insulation

The market presents a rather vast selection of special heater. However, the most popular and in demand is mineral wool. This material has universality, and it is also very convenient to use.

Mineral wool has a low level of thermal conductivity and density, as well as solid resistance to chemical exposure and high temperatures. The fronts and slopes of the attic can be insulated using special plates from mineral wool.

We make special stuffing

The thickness of this material is greater than the thickness of the rafter legs, it is necessary to make special “stuffing” on them, which allows you to increase their thickness. You can use wooden rails for these purposes, previously saturated with a special antiseptic.

It is necessary to lay mineral wool on a special crate in places between rafters. After that, it must be closed using a special vapor barrier film. In the attic that is insulated, steam accumulates, so the device of vapor barrier is an obligatory moment.

The vapor barrier makes it possible to maintain the optimal mode of humidity and prevent the penetration of steam into the insulation. You can use special vapor barrier films to achieve the desired effect.

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