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What is a sweatshirt and what to wear it with?

This season, the sweatshirt holds its leading position. This wardrobe item is a knitwear sports sweatshirt, which, combined with other elements of clothing – skirts, leggings, shirts, shorts or trousers – can turn into the most exquisite evening outfit. Moreover, designers welcome the trend of eclecticism in fashion, when elegant wardrobe items are combined with casual shirts or sports style sweatshirts.

On what signs to identify a sweatshirt?

Svitshots can be female and male, they are made of cotton and half -wool fabric, fleece and cashmere, silk and even suede. Women’s sweatshirts have signs similar to men’s pulver:

There are no pockets, fasteners, hoods and lacing on them;

sleeve – raglan or lousy with a lowered shoulder line;

round (most often) neckline and a small triangular insert under it;

gum along the bottom of the belt, on cuffs and neck.

Knowledge of these details allows you to more accurately identify the type of clothing, because in modern fashion the characteristic signs of sweatshirts, pullovers, jumper, bean, hoodies, sweaters and jacket can smoothly “flow” from one model to a friend, lubricating the boundaries between them.

Svitshot for a party? Why not!

If men’s models are very concise and simple in design, then female can have the most whimsical finish. Designers shock the original decor of sports pools and create incredible enchanting mosaics of pearls and lurex, beads and feathers of Marabu, leather reptiles and silk embroidery. The causing symbiosis of a simple silhouette of products and avant-garde design allows you to create truly exclusive models. Precisely because modern sweatshirts have a non -standard finish made of fashionable accessories, in combination with properly selected wardrobe items, they can become a “highlight” in any suit: for a youth party – bright and enchanting, and for a respectable business visit.

What to wear a sweatshirt with?

The online Svitshot store offers a luxurious assortment for any case: parties, morning sports, going to the club, a romantic date, a suburban walk, for work and rest and rest. Such universality of the product, and, at the same time, its exclusivity – thanks to a stylish original decoration – allows you to determine the sweatshirt as an indispensable element of the fashionable wardrobe.

So, with what clothing do advanced frauds of modern sweatshots wear? There are many options. A combination with a shirt, the sharp collar of which peers out of a round cut, is very popular, and the unexpected edge is visible from under the elastic band passing along the bottom of the product.

A combination with a vest can be used equally successfully for the office and an evening walk: it all depends on the texture and trim of the vest. And he may be from:






“Playing” in a combination, you can create an image in the style of casual, romantic or sports.

A win -win option is a combination of a sweatshirt with black tight -fitting trousers or jeans. This everyday version will feel comfortable and free. A stylish image can be created using a combination with “boyfriend trousers”. Slender girls can afford to demonstrate a good figure by wearing a mini-skirt of silk or chiffon with a fashionable pulver. To create an office style, a pencil skirt and strict, without excessive finishes, top is well suited. In a word, if you attach a little fantasy, then the sweatshirt will become a tool for you to create a unique style.

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