Ideal fortress

The status of an apartment in the city center no longer has the same value as ten years ago. Every year, more and more people prefer to move to country houses located in the environmentally friendly zone. Now everyone is obvious to how high their value is to unite the family and for the health of children. Everyone knows about the expression that the house is a fortress. But there is no saying that the apartment can also become a fortress. And this is no coincidence.

In addition to the fact that a country house can be impregnable, it may still look like a real work of art. In Russia, special love is fed to wooden houses. Here are only modern dwellings look more stylish and interesting. This is achieved, including thanks to the use of modern additions as an attic, which can help a stable transformer staircase to help. In addition, architects love to decorate the home with unusual weathercocks or modified shutters.

It happens that in the dark evening, even the most beautiful buildings are difficult to consider from afar, which is why it is not possible to enjoy the skill of architects and builders in full. Therefore, external lighting in the territory adjacent to the home plays a very important role. Recently, it has become obvious that diode lamps equipped with a traffic detector are very convenient to use and economical. But, unfortunately, they do not add beauty to the house. Therefore, completing the construction, many owners consider the installation of a door call and a beautiful lantern to be a traditional final chord that brightly covers the main entrance. The owners of the house personally, using aluminum laddles, climb to such lamps and screw the lamps into them.

It is known that the first impression of the building is created when looking at its facade. That is why modern design pays him such special attention. The construction market offers such a large number of different materials for decoration that you can create a unique exterior of the dwelling without much work. If, for example, the construction of a two -story building is planned, then with the help of multi -colored finishing materials you can create an original and unique appearance of the building. It looks no less interesting on the facades of the facing brick. Particular decorativeness can be obtained if the extension is made to the tone of brick colors. And highlighting with it the window and door is quite simple.

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