Hydromassage bath – a cosmetic salon in your house

Our legs do hard work, withstanding the main load when walking, so they require special attention. Using your feet care baths at home can replace a visit to a cosmetic salon.

Hydromassage baths affect biologically active points on the feet. As you know, the impact on these points has a positive effect on the entire human body. Baths are devices in which the aerator and pump are built. In addition to them, some models have magnets and infrared lamps. Due to these devices, the baths perform the functions of vibrational and bubble massage, whirlpool, maintaining constant water temperature, and also have infrared heating.

With the help of this device – baths – relaxation of the muscles of the legs occurs, the feet are also massage, which relieves fatigue, swelling, improves blood circulation in the legs, has a strengthening effect on the walls of blood vessels, activates the work of the venous and lymphatic system and improves the metabolism in the body. Easy to use, a hydromassage bath works from an ordinary outlet, and if you add a few drops of essential oil, you will already get a session of aromatherapy.

Water massage can be successfully carried out every day, as a simple wash of the legs. As a result of hydromassage, physiological processes are activated, the work of organs improves.

But the use of baths is not available to everyone. Hydromassage legs for the legs have some contraindications for use:

• oncological diseases;

• acute inflammatory processes in the body;

• heart rhythm, heart attack;

• any skin damage (wounds, abscesses);

• with exacerbation of chronic diseases.

• During pregnancy.

• for children under 12 years old.

• varicose veins and thrombophlebitis.

The most important and pleasant function of hydromassage legs for the legs is massage with air bubbles. Air, pushing himself into the water, creates vibrations that rush deep into the fabric. Another method of massage – when thin streams of water under pressure are fed into the bath. As a result, blood vessels expand and a refreshing effect from the procedure is obtained.

Some hydromassage legs are equipped with magnets. The procedure in such baths has a positive effect in convulsions, and muscle pain. Due to the magnets mounted in the bottom, a magnetic field is created in the bath that has a healing effect on the entire organism.

In other baths there are built -in infrared lamps. Infrared radiation positively affects blood circulation and increases muscle elasticity. Some have a container for oils and salts. It is convenient to use it so that the additives you need are always at hand.

To obtain the desired effect of the use of hydromassage baths, some rules must be followed.

• For relaxing massage, fill the bath with hot water, and for refreshing – cold. The water level should not exceed the maximum mark.

• The bath is not designed to heat cold water. If you want, massage in hot water, water should be poured with an appropriate temperature, and the device will only support it.

• With vibration of the device case, massage is performed. During the procedure, Foot Fatigue is well removed.

• To maintain water temperature in hot state, a heating element is used, which is located under the bottom of the bath.

• Do not use foaming baths for baths.

During the operation of any hydromassage baths, the safety rules for the use of electrical devices should be strictly observed.

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