How to season the refrigerator with a freon at home

The first reason why the refrigerator breaks is called a freon leak. At the same time, the compressor continues its work, but the refrigerator does not produce cold.

In cases where the refrigerant of refrigerator equipment has occurred, it is necessary to make up for this loss. You can fill the refrigerator with Freon yourself, but before starting work, you must definitely familiarize yourself with the instructions and technology of the procedure.

The refrigerant is under pressure, which makes it explosive substance. If you are not sure that you can handle it, it is better not to take risks and entrust the refrigerator refueling by Freon to a specialist from the Remont-Holodilnikov website.

The refrigerator can fully function due to the coordinated system of the operation of refrigerants with different chemical composition. Freon leak or violation of the tightness of this system, as a rule, occurs when the refrigerator or damage is incorrectly treated. Such problems can occur due to seemingly minor blows on the compressor or condenser, which are possible in the process of moving the household device or as a result of failure of ice in the freezer with sharp objects. It will also be necessary to refue the refrigerator with a refrigerator in case of repair.

If you suddenly have a Freon leak, then read the removal of this problem. Use a collector with manometers of different colors for this.

So, we offer step -by -step instructions for refueling the refrigerator with a refrigerant:

Start by blocking both collector valves.

Next, connect the blue hose to the tube studio, which is needed for refueling. Yellow hose we attach to the cylinder with freon.

The next step will be the power of Stretzer to the highway and the connection of a red hose to it.

After that, with a little slow movements, we open the cylinder with Freon. Follow the pressure, it should not rise above 0.4-0.5 atmospheres.

Close valves and turn on the compressor. After 30 seconds, turn it off.

We connect a vacuum pump to a yellow hose and unscrew the blue valve.

We connect the pump and leave it on for 10 minutes.

Disconnect the hose and connect it to the cylinder. In parallel, we make sure that Freon does not get into the compressor.

Twist the yellow hose. Open the blue valve and fill the compressor with freon.

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