How to remove stretch marks after childbirth

The birth of a child is a great happiness that completely changes the life of a woman. Serious changes occur in her body, but not all of them are the same joyful. For example, the appearance of stretch marks.

Fortunately, in contrast to all the trials that the skin of a pregnant woman is subjected to, modern manufacturers of medical products offer a wide selection of special drugs and products. So, the formation of stretch marks can be prevented, and the best confirmation is the use of prenatal bandages, the range of which is widely represented in the Lepota beauty hypermarket: Lepota-Shop.SPBC1_0164.PHP.

one. Walking bandages perform several useful functions at the same time: they guarantee the normal position of the fetus, reduce the considerable load that falls on the spine, and maintaining the abdominal wall, prevent the possible appearance of stretch marks. It is better to use a prenatal bandage from the middle of the 5th month of pregnancy: it can be worn all day, shooting before bedtime.

2. The postpartum bandage can be used immediately after childbirth 1-2 months-based on the condition of the skin and the well-being of the woman as a whole. A properly selected postpartum bandage will help the skin more likely to “pull” and prevent stretching in the chest area, preserving it elastic.

3. The use of cosmetics containing elastin and collagen is another true way to prevent stretching. These proteins make up the structural base of the skin, and their deficiency negatively affects its elasticity. Therefore, choosing a cosmetic product that could “prepare” the skin for stress during pregnancy, as well as restore its condition after childbirth, it is worth looking for elastin and collagen in its composition.

Fortunately, today the search for such funds is quite simple, and the choice is wide. Take, for example, algal-ilorous gel-elastic from the series “Fitness Body”: Lepota-Shop.SPBK1_3350.PHP. The composition of this gel includes natural elastin, which allows the product to positively affect the structure of the skin, restoring and aligning it.

The main thing is to remember: the first condition for the effectiveness of any cosmetics is their correct use. It is not enough to regularly “spread” kilograms of creams. The skin is also needed during pregnancy, exhausted and thinned during pregnancy (even a simple wiping with a hard terry or waffle towel), and the adoption of baths with sea salt and a contrast shower, and periodic exfoliation (exfoliation) with the help of peeling and scrubs with subsequent nutrition and moisturizing, and regular wraps using essential oils, honey, clay, etc.

four. Strengthening the skin with vitamin E. “Finding” this vitamin as part of various cosmetics is also easy. It can be part of some essential oils (castor, olive, almond) or sold in pharmacies “pure” form – in the form of gelatin capsules.

If the named methods still could not prevent the formation of stretch marks, do not fall into despondency. Non -visible marks can be minimized, and there are also several ways of fighting them:

5. Performing special exercises that help increase muscle tone and, thus, tighten the “sluggish” skin. True, the woman who had recently gave birth to a woman will still have to “get a blessing” for these loads from her doctor, since too quickly a return to physical activity can harm a weakened organism.

6. Compliance with the diet. Let it be an indirect remedy for stretch marks, but … naturally, it is about proper nutrition – balanced and regular, and not about starvation.

7. Plastic surgery is another way to deal with stretch marks. So if you have the means and time to visit the salons in excess, you are unlikely to be disappointed with the variety of services that are ready to offer your customers beauty salons: abdominoplasty, or laser peeling, mesotherapy in the form of special subcutaneous injections, etc. D.

Thus, the choice of funds in the war with stretch marks is yours! And it is most pleasant to make this choice in the online store “Lepota”!

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