How to obtain Health Insurance Policy to visit Ukraine

A visit to another country requires taking out medical insurance. This document will be needed if you need to seek medical help abroad.

A medical insurance for foreigners in Ukraine is a contract that ensures immediate financial assistance in the event of a medical emergency. It serves as an agreement between a policyholder and an insurance company, covering expenses related to illness, injury, or accidents. These expenses encompass transportation to medical facilities, essential medical and diagnostic procedures, medication purchases, and more.

Who needs a Health Insurance policy to visit Ukraine?

A health insurance agreement is crucial for foreigners in several scenarios:

  • Applying for a visa to Ukraine
  • Transit through Ukraine or for any other purpose of entry
  • Obtaining or renewing a residence permit (posvidka)

What are the requirements for health insurance policies for foreigners in Ukraine?

For visa applications: The insurance coverage must be a minimum of 30,000 EUR, valid for the entire visa duration. For obtaining a temporary residence permit: The insurance coverage must be a minimum of 30,000 EUR, valid for the entire duration of the residence permit. For other situations: The insurance coverage must be a minimum of 30,000 EUR, covering the entire period of the foreigner’s stay in Ukraine.

Is it possible to be insured for 13 months?

According to Ukrainian law, insurance contracts have a maximum duration of 1 year. To obtain coverage for 13 months, you can acquire one annual policy and one monthly policy, totaling 12 months + 1 month.

What medical services are covered by this insurance?

  • Emergency medical care, including calling a certified doctor for urgent assistance in case of an insured event. Provision of clinical care and prescribed medicines or medical materials – up to 250 EUR.
  • Transportation of the Insured Person to a medical institution, if required – up to 120 EUR.
  • Emergency hospital treatment for a maximum of 10 days, including surgical interventions – 400 EUR.
  • Treatment for COVID-19 – up to 500 EUR.
  • Repatriation of the body in the event of death to the place of permanent residence – up to 2000 EUR.

How to obtain a health insurance policy for foreign citizens entering Ukraine?

You can purchase an insurance policy online through an authorized web service like, which operates automatically 24/7. To acquire a policy, you only need your passport. The process takes about 5 minutes. Begin by selecting the policyholder’s age, purpose of travel to Ukraine, and desired insurance contract duration. Then, enter your personal details and make a payment using any credit card. After a successful transaction, the insurance policy will be sent to your email for printing or saving on your smartphone.

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