How to find out how much my apartment costs

Very often we are faced with what we just need to know about the cost of a house or apartment. Often this information may be needed in the sale of sale, rent, mortgage, apartment insurance or any other processes. Naturally, real estate prices change every day for this reason, you must keep abreast of events. You must understand that the market price is set by state organizations in the licensing process. This means that in order to find out what cost you can help out, by selling it only by contacting an assessment company, for example NedKV. But if you just ask you, it will be enough to contact a simple realist-specialist.

Both persons, both the buyer and the seller, carrying out the purchase and sale transaction. The seller of the apartment must have an idea of ​​what prices today are on the market in order not to give his property for nothing, and also not to wait for a long time of his buyer by uphring prices. For the buyer, in turn, it is important not to overpay. In addition, he must know the approximate price in order to know what amount of money to count on him. At the same time, choose options that are suitable for his deferred money.

Many apartment sellers evaluate their premises, starting from periodicals on real estate. When evaluating the apartment on your own, based on publishers, you must remember that the approximate error can be about 10 percent. It is also worth reading ads very carefully. In ads there are both overestimated and low prices. Owners who know about significant flaws of the premises, which you cannot see, can strongly underestimate the cost of the apartment.

So, in order to determine the cost of the apartment, you must first pay attention to the entire building. If this is a new building, then, of course, the apartment will cost a order higher. But if this is an old Khrushchev, then do not think that the price will turn out to be sky -high. An important indicator is the area in which the house is located. The more elite, the more expensive the apartment. Naturally, if there are kindergartens, schools of circles, etc. nearby. D., then you can sell the apartment a little more expensive. When evaluating the apartment, you need to pay attention to everything, starting from the area, ending with the repair of the room.

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