How to choose women’s tights

There is no more mysterious and attractive picture for male gaze than female legs in seductive stockings or tights. Mysteriously covered with the finest spider -down legs attract and intrigue. How fashionistas make a choice in the variety of models of modern tights so that it is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but also comfortable? Given the fact that there are no tights among the hosiery-and-bottom products. Elastic, openwork, knitwear, thermal car, compression, delaying, therapeutic, the list can be continued. Materials from which tights are made would be nice to figure out what all those words that experienced sellers use specifically mean. Since Nylon was invented, and later Spandex and Lycra, a lot of water has flowed. There are many new materials. Need to understand. Elastic tights made of synthetic materials, as a rule, contain precisely the like. Its content in the composition of the product can vary, but does not exceed 30%. Numerous washing are not afraid of such tights, they are less deformed in wear. More recently, a unique material 3-D Lycra appeared. As they say, ask in city stores. Also, many models now include microfiber. These are the filamide threads interpreted among themselves. In addition to elasticity, such material gives additional strength to the product and preserves heat well. Double Covered is also a new material that combines the two previous. It is a likely twice wrapped in a polyamide thread, thanks to which it is just a find for those who have sensitive skin. Acrylic tights are well warm, but in everyday wear they are not very resistant to the formation of rollers. In the composition of thermal collectors, natural and synthetic materials, for example, cashmere with elastan or cotton with likes, can also mix. How and what to wear with what to talk about, there would be good tights, and how and what to wear is not a problem. In fact, to ruin the whole image with incorrectly selected tights is easier. High -quality tights of classic colors, selected either shoes or lower classes, lengthen the legs visually and the entire silhouette in general. If there is no task to draw attention to the caviar, do not wear white or shiny tights. If you really like pantyhose with print, which, really look attractive, combine them with a plain, restrained top. With an elongated modest tunic, for example, or a small restrained dress. Remember about the combination of textures. This rule also works in the case of tights. Thin and ultra -thin tights will look strange with heavy knitted woolen things. Conversely, openwork cotton, quite stylish tights in themselves, are unlikely to play in an ensemble with a thin summer cloth. Knitted stylized models look cool with brutal boots. Dense opaque bright bold colors – with a coat, a cloak. If the emphasis on unusual shoes is conceived – take the tights of neutral – medium density, plain. How to buy high -quality tights, few people know that self -respecting brands producing tights produce branded products with a unique, unique aroma. It is impossible to fake it. On good new tights, longitudinal and transverse lines are not visible. Gum, if it is provided for a model, has a width of 3 to 4 cm, which does not allow tights, in the belt high-quality tights stretch very well, up to 70-80 cm. Choose your favorite tights slowly, relishing every moment of acquiring the newspaper. The online store of tights and linen Kolgot can help you in this “difficult business”. After all, these glorious little things mean so much for a real lady!

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