How to choose a men’s wedding suit

The groom’s wedding costume is selected depending on the venue of the celebration, the time of year, traditional features and wedding fashion. Modern wedding male fashion is conservative. The best options for men are tuxedo, tailcoat or classic costume – deuce or three. In fashion costumes of non -traditional shades. The main thing is that the suit of the groom is combined with the general style of wedding design, emphasized individuality, and be interesting and original. However, the groom should not overshadow the image of the bride with his suit.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a men’s wedding costume?

one. It is necessary that the costume sits well on the groom;

2. The costume should also be suitable for the overall topic of the wedding celebration, t.e. be appropriate.

3. It is important that the clothes of the newlyweds harmonize among themselves and fit into the overall atmosphere of the celebration.

How to buy a suit?

It is necessary to deal with the issue of buying a suit in advance, better a couple of months before the upcoming wedding. It is worth thinking, the groom wants to buy or sew a suit to order. Having decided to buy a suit, you must be prepared for the fact that you have to go around many stores to choose a model that is like a figure sitting. Many modern grooms prefer custom -made costumes. And not in vain. Having sewed the suit, he will be:

– accurately match the taste of the groom;

– look perfect on the groom;

– harmonize with the wedding dress of the bride;

– stand out with originality and individuality;

– The time on boutiques will be saved;

– The fabric will be chosen in accordance with the preferences of the groom.

Better to choose natural material. This will not allow to form “creases” in a suit. The quality of the costume itself also depends on the quality of the fabric.

What color to choose?

Unlike previous times, today the black costumes are not in trend. It is better to choose a color after the bride will buy a wedding outfit, depending on the color of which a shade of costume will be chosen. Warm or cream -colored dress requires a sand shade costume. Black tuxedo or steel -colored wedding suit will be well combined with a white dress. The dress of a blue or pink shade will be in harmony with a gray or dark blue suit. Also, choosing the color of the costume, it is necessary to take into account the time of the year of the wedding. Dark shades are better to choose for winter or autumn, light for spring and summer.

Which model to choose?

There are 3 main models of wedding costumes.

one. Smoking – emphasize the elegance of a young man. A great addition to a tuxedo will be a tune of a tone and a belt from Atlas. A scarf for a breast pocket, as well as a belt and a butterfly should either contrast, or be with a colorful pattern.

2. Frack – model for solemn events. The shirt for the tailcoat should be with a collar – a counter and cuffs for cufflinks. You can put on a picket vest with buttons, covered in matter under the tails. The tailcoat requires butterflies and a scarf. All accessories and shirt are only snow -white.

3. Classic costume – jacket and trousers, you can supplement with a vest. The costume should be sewn from expensive fabric consisting of silk and wool. Mandatory ties and monophonic shirts are male male traditional classical style on buttons or cufflinks.

Any model of a wedding men’s costume requires black shoes: lacquers – to a tailcoat and a tuxedo, leather half -bots – to a classic costume. Also, the image of the groom will not be completed without a budonier consisting of the flowers of the bride’s bouquet.

All these tips will help the groom create an impeccable gorgeous and worthy bride image.

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