How to choose a men’s business suit and accessories

The business suit has a certain restraint and conservatism in comparison with other types of men’s clothing and involves appropriate accessories.

The first impression that the representative of the company or company makes sometimes plays a decisive role in successful negotiations, so the appearance and accessories need to pay close attention.

Male business suit should be a classic cut, usually from high -quality thin smooth wool. The color of the suit is better to choose gray, blue, gray-blue and black. The fabric can be a thin strip or cage, they should not be contrasting flowers and give the suit an elegant look, even if you buy large men’s clothing for yourself. The jacket can be single -breasted with two or three buttons and two slots, the lower button of the jacket should be unbuttoned.

Black plain suits are not welcome – they are appropriate under other circumstances.

A shirt with long sleeves of classic cut and a tie is required to the suit. Shirts are better to choose pastel colors, better white – they approach costumes of any color, better without a pattern or thin striped. For work in the office, negotiations, press conferences, ties of strict colors, silk, smooth suites of costume are recommended.

The more formal the situation, the more stringent the costume and tie in the styling and color should be. Blue and gray colors of dark shades are considered universal. The fabric cannot be shiny.

In public places, a jacket can be removed, but only if there is a vest. The lower button of the vest should also be unbuttoned.

Shoes should be combined with a suit. The ceremonious the costume, the thinner the sole of the shoes should be. The shoes should be smooth, with laces. Lacquer shoes are worn only with tuxedo. Sports style shoes, moccasins, buckles and decorations on shoes are excluded.

The belt on the trousers should be made of smooth, not varnish skin of the same color as the shoes, the buckle should be elegant, discreet and not shiny.

The color of the socks should be one tone lighter or darker than the color of trousers, socks should be long.

The length of the tie should be up to the waist. A tie clip is better to choose without a shine, a simple elegant shape, without stones. The clamp is located in the middle of the chest.

For business papers, a portfolio, diplomat or folder is supposed to. They should be made of high-quality smooth, not shiny skin without patterns, mainly black, dark or light-coffee color and harmonize with a suit and other accessories. On the folders, the logo of the company that you imagine is desirable.

The purse should be made of high -quality smooth leather and combine with a portfolio and other leather accessories in color and texture. In addition to black and brown, wallets and purse can be the colors of cognac, chocolate, gray, burgundy color. It is better for business people to choose wallets and a calm color purse without unnecessary details. Banknotes and credit cards are worn in a wallet. It is better to wear business cards and photos in the organizer.

With a classic business suit, exclusively mechanical watches with arrows, preferably known brands, on a leather strap, without stones and key fiction. The strap should be combined in color and quality with a portfolio.

The status of a person, except for watches, elegant glasses, expensive leather purse and portfolio is also evidenced by the presence of expensive, necessarily a fountain fountain pen from famous manufacturers.

Accessories for a business suit also include all kinds of clamps for banknotes, keychairs and keys for keys, cigarette and lighters, glasses for glasses. They should indicate the respectability of their owner, so preference is given to accessories from expensive smooth leather and platinum.

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