How to choose a land plot for building a house

When planning the construction of a suburban plot, first of all, it is necessary to purchase a land plot. This is a difficult task, since the quality of housing in a built house largely depends on the correctly selected area. Therefore, the solution of this issue should be approached very seriously.

Having looked at a specific plot of land, first of all, it is necessary to analyze it from a legal point of view. If it is proposed to purchase a good area for a rather small cost, then you should be alert and carefully check everything. Namely, a reduced price, can indicate some legal violations, the responsibility for which the new owner of the site will be carried out.

All the necessary information about the acquired land plot can be obtained by local authorities. Much can be learned from the cadastral passport or neighbors living nearby.

The required size of the site for construction should correspond to the area of ​​the future house in a ratio of 1:10.

When choosing a site, not only its size is important, but also the shape. The most convenient is the corner site, especially for the construction of a fence and gate, and it is also more isolated. For placement of the garden, a land plot with a square shape is perfect.

The land located on the hill is perfectly lit by sunlight, which is necessary for the normal growth of vegetable crops, flowers, trees and shrubs. The lowland area is reliably protected from the wind and has well -moistened soil, the minus is a shallow occurrence of groundwater, so it will be necessary to build a drainage system.

When choosing a plot for construction, you need to find out where and what communications were carried out, gas – and water supply was laid. It is worth asking how much the connection to them will cost. You can determine whether the drilling of wells will cost, because if the water pipes are very far away, then the connection to them will be very expensive.

The type of soil of the land also has a certain value for the construction of a country house. The type of foundation at home directly depends on it.

A real assistance in finding a land plot will be given an employee of the real estate agency, who will not only find the right option, but also check it for legitimacy. Also, a realtor will help with an unpleasant procedure for registering all the necessary papers.

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