How to choose a good washing machine

Your family has a question of choosing a washing machine? Then you will definitely need our tips, otherwise you risk simply “drown” in the ocean offers from various manufacturers. Today we will try to highlight a number of criteria by which it is worth evaluating the quality of washing machines.

To begin with, you must think about what type of loading of linen is more preferable to you: vertical or horizontal. Automatic machines with vertical loading are more convenient: they do not require a lot of space, they can be opened during washing, reporting forgotten things. Washing machines with horizontal loading have a pleasant appearance, as well as their dimensions allow you to install them under the kitchen countertop, for example. The main thing is that the hatch of such a machine opens 180 degrees, otherwise when loading a large amount of linen, using such a machine will be inconvenient.

After you decide on the appearance, you can start evaluating other parameters of the washing machine. A very important characteristic is the amount of linen that is placed in the drum for one washing. So there are cars designed for 4-5 kg, others for 5-7 or more. If you plan to wash a lot of linen at a time, then it is better to choose a car with a large loading rate, however, keep in mind that a large drum when washing a small amount of linen, wears out faster.

Ask the seller from what material the bathing machine is made. The best of durability and reliability is considered a stainless steel tank. The only drawback of such material is a high level of noise during operation. If the silence in the house is more important for you, then feel free to choose polyonox and polyplex tanks. They are quite wear -resistant and at the same time less noisy.

Washing machines also differ in the washing class. European standards in this regard allocate class equipment from A to F, so the machines A in classes are considered the most effective, characterized by careful attitude to fabrics. Their characteristics can, for example, can be read and compared in Mirlux on the page/Catalog/Stiralnie-Mashini/Page/6 and even look at the washing machine with drying. The difference in the class is also projected on the number of revolutions per minute. The largest number is 1,600 revolutions, the smallest – 400. High class washing machines have the ability to switch the number of revolutions in accordance with the type of laundry.

In many cars, manufacturers have laid a set of standard wash modes: for cotton, wool, synthetics and so on. Many modern samples also have additional opportunities, somehow “fast washing”, “economical washing”, “additional rinse” and others. The presence of such modes is very convenient, allows you to quickly choose the type of washing depending on the needs.

Do not be lazy to look at the type of hoses when choosing a washing machine, because the quality of protection on the course depends on their quality. It is good if the machine is equipped with two -layer flexible hoses, they will last a long time and do not shatter, unlike hard pipes and single -layer options.

You can choose a washing machine with built -in drying underwear. Such a model will cost, of course, an order of magnitude higher, but in it you can not only wash, but dry the washed linen.

Now you can find a washing machine for yourself when going to the store that corresponds to your needs and needs. Do not forget only that as the number of functions in the washing machine increases, its cost also increases. So think carefully what functions you need.

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