How foreigners can invest in Colombia

Colombia has gained significantly stronger and more financial stability after suffering from the 2008 global financial crisis.

The country’s growth rate is 2.5%, and the political climate has become one of the strongest in Latin America. Geographically, the country retains the advantage of having ports in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The Government has also developed several programs and information campaigns to help encourage foreign investment. Investors looking for alternative investment ideas should consider the growth opportunities available through Colombia.

One of the easiest ways to invest in Colombia from abroad is to invest in shares of a company that operates in Colombia. Since the shares are traded on the local stock exchange, investors outside the country can purchase American depositary receipts (ADR). For example, one of the largest banks in the country is Bancolombia SA (NYSE: CIB CIBBancolombia36. 59-1. 08% Created with Highstock 4. 2. 6). Bancolombia provides a variety of financial products and services for Colombia, Latin America and the Caribbean. As of July 19, 2016, the shares have increased by 34. 4% since the beginning of the year (since the beginning of the year) and had a dividend yield of 3.15%.

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