How and where to spend a bachelore

Preparing for the wedding, you should not miss such an important point as a bachelorette party. This day, more precisely, the evening, should go at the highest level, so that after there was something to remember, at the same time, without covered with a crimson blush. To help the bride, we would like to offer you some simple tips that will help you navigate in the process of preparing for the bachelorette party.

Council No. 1. Place

Perhaps to choose the venue of a bachelorette party based on their financial capabilities. Unfortunately, before the wedding, it is not always possible to “walk on the full”. By the way, you can talk about this with your friends. What if they agree to pay part of the event?!

So, the bachelorette party can be carried out:

• Houses;

• in the sauna (bath);

• In club;

• in bowling/billiards;

• Outdoors;

• In a beauty salon;

• In the cafe

• Other original options.

Council No. 2. Day

By tradition, the bachelorette party is held on the night before the wedding. If possible, then it is better to hold this event at least a day earlier. So you can definitely relax on the bachelorette party without worrying about your appearance on the wedding day. After all, it is unlikely that anyone will please the bride with the traces of yesterday’s booze on her face.

Council No. 3. Behavior

Naturally, on a bachelorette party, every bride wants to relax and enjoy the last evening of freedom. However, we strongly recommend that you do not go beyond decency! Do not forget that everything secret sooner or later becomes clear!

If you still worry about this thin line, trust your behavior to your closest girlfriend. Let her follow the amount of drunk, dancing and new acquaintances (pah-pah-pah).

Council No. 4. Guests

“Bachelorette party, bachelorette party, man here is extra!»This day is exclusively for you and your friends. He will not hide, not a single girl can fully relax when her beloved’s eyes are watching her. So, no men, even the most important important.

Only the closest friends should be invited to the bachelorette party. If you have nothing to hide, then you can call future relatives. However, in which case, they will most likely notify your future husband about everything. Do you need it, decide for yourself.

Council No. 5. Entertainment

If you want your bachelorette party to be remembered not only with a drunk (excuse me), then it would not be bad to come up with entertainment for this evening.

On the Internet you can find a lot of original scripts of a bachelorette party. This can be a pajama party, where everyone can take a break from annoying heels and enjoy cosmetic home procedures for jokes and secrets of girlfriends.

If a bachelorette party and a wedding falls on the warm season, then you can arrange a sea party. There will be enough summer house near the river or lake. To maintain the atmosphere, you should decorate the house with appropriate elements, flowers, find vests and dishes. You can and should arrange contests, play volleyball on the shore or swim in a pond. And in the evening to make a fire and sing songs. You can, for example, go to play Russian billiards in Moscow, guess on maps or coffee grounds.

In winter, you can arrange a cozy evening at home by buying different goodies. The room can be arranged with candles, scatter pillows and blankets on the floor, install aromatic sticks and cook delicious mulled wine or hot chocolate. No electric light! After all, there are candles! On such an evening you can guess, chickered, share your secrets, secrets and experiences.

No matter how your bacheloreman passes, he must leave in your soul exceptionally warm memories. And, recall, it should not be painfully ashamed of him.

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