High -voltage fuses

High -voltage fuses are such devices that are able to operate expensive electronic equipment of the most reliable and safe. Agree, much easier to warn the problem than to fix, and PCT fuses in this case are 100% correspond to this purpose!

All the PT cartridges implemented in our company, which are the most important constructive elements of high -voltage fuses, like PCT fuses themselves, are made in accordance with quality standards, and therefore during operation are absolutely safe.

High-voltage PCT fuses are a type of current-limiting fuses, the design of which provides a quartz filler for power transformers, as well as power and air-type power lines that carry out their operation from 3 to 35 kV and at an operating frequency of 50-60 Hz.

The design of such a fuse of the type of PCC is several important parts, the interconnected functioning of which and ensures the productive operation of the fuse itself. Among the most important, component of high -voltage fuses should be called:

– Replaced PT cartridge, which also calls the fuse of PT. As a rule, in its design it has a case made of glass or porcelain, which is filled with sand or silicium;

– two support insulators;

– Two contacts.

From us you can purchase the necessary high -voltage equipment of the specified type, however, it is worth noting that the supply of PCT fuses is carried out in a disassembled form in the configuration indicated above.

In addition, you can choose PT fuses of various types. Currently, fuses are available for sale, which are made using a lered or tight (explosive and fireproof) corps, as well as fuses that are created according to a simplified modification. It is worth noting that a simplified modification of fuses becomes in demand if the cartridges themselves are used as part of those systems where the fuse operation is monitored by special mounted control devices. In all other cases, the acquisition of high -voltage fuses using a lered or sealed building will be the most justified.

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