Grapefruit diet.

The grapefruit diet is very effective and easily helps to get rid of three to four kilograms per week. If you have little grapefruit when applying this diet for saturation, and you experience a rather tangible feeling of hunger, then you can additionally include apples, oranges, a glass of non -fat kefir or green tea in the diet, adding a teaspoon of honey, fresh welded coffee Or espresso. You need to eat food with such a diet every 5 hours.

At night, if necessary, you can eat only one grapefruit. Subject to the grapefruit diet, it is extremely necessary to exclude the following products from your own diet: fish, sauces, spices, and, of course, salt. There are meat dishes, but only absolutely lean. With accurate observance of this beautiful diet, your own weight will certainly decline and just “melt” just before our eyes.

The menu of the very first day.

At an early breakfast, you can eat one fresh grapefruit or juice from it, exclusively without sugar, 25 grams. low -fat ham, a cup of tea (you can coffee), but of course without sugar.

For lunch, you will have a salad of fresh herbs and vegetables, poured with lemon juice (vegetables can only be used without starch content). The portion should be no more than 250 g, grapefruit, tea.

For dinner, you need to eat boiled meat (lean and no more than 150 g), a salad with fresh lemon juice (not more than two hundred grams), tea, adding a teaspoon of honey there there.

The menu of your second dietary day.

Early breakfast consists of one fresh grapefruit or juice, two boiled steep eggs, green tea.

Lunch includes 1 grapefruit, 50 grams of any cheese or cottage cheese (necessarily low -fat).

For dinner, you need to eat one single slice of black bread (no more than twenty g.), 200 gr. fish (allowed or grill), vegetable salad with fresh herbs, seasoned with olive -lemon dressing (olive healthy oil – 1 teaspoon and 1 spoon of lemon juice).

Third Dietary Day menu.

At an early breakfast, you are offered one grapefruit or juice from it, 3 tablespoons of oatmeal or muss mesli adding 1 tablespoon of raisins without bones, 3 any nuts, excluding peanuts, 4 tablespoons of low or milk yogurt or milk.

For lunch you will eat 1 cup of soup (vegetable or broth), 1 grapefruit and three crackers.

Dinner consists of 1 grapefruit, grill chicken or boiled (200 grams), 2 baked tomatoes and black tea.

Fourth Dietary Day menu.

At an early breakfast, you eat 1 steep egg, 1 cup of juice (tomato), tea (black) with a slice of lemon.

And for lunch you are offered 1 grapefruit, any amount of fresh salad of healthy green vegetables and fresh carrots, which must be seasoned with sauce (olive-lemon), 1 toast.

For dinner, you need to eat no more than 400 grams of boiled or stewed vegetables (excluding corn, potatoes), a cup of tea. Before going to bed, you must take 1 grapefruit juice.

Fifth Dietary Day menu.

On an early breakfast you have a salad of a wide variety of fruits – orange, grapefruits, apples, tea, adding a slice of lemon.

And for lunch you need to eat1 large potatoes baked in the oven, a light salad consisting of cabbage and different green vegetables (200 grams).

For dinner, you eat chicken or fish (about 200 grams), tomato juice and before going to bed 1 grapefruit necessary to eat.

The sixth and seventh menu will consist of their diet of anyone to choose the day.The grapefruit diet offered to you gives the most positive results and has excellent reviews. This diet is one effective and easy.

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