Gluten in baby food

Not so long ago, the issue of rational and healthy diet began in our family. The wife strictly forbade to buy any products containing gluten in baby food. So I decided to figure out what it is so terrible.

Where gluten in baby food is contained

So, having snapped well, I found such a definition. Gluten is a high molecular weight protein contained in cereals, mainly in wheat. Roughly speaking, this is a kind of gluten. And, as it turned out, it is not only in food, but also in other diverse household details, in the same glue or cosmetic products. For most people, it is harmless, but there is a congenital genetically determined disease, in which the presence of gluten in baby food is a fatal. This disease of celiac disease is called, diagnosed by certain symptoms, such as diluted grayish stools and loss of muscle mass, but at the same time you can observe a swollen tummy in a baby. There are many other signs, but they are not so bright that they can clearly diagnose celiac. The final answer can only be given by a biopsy of the mucous membrane of the small intestine. Treatment consists in a gluten -free diet, it helps to maintain health to the baby and nothing to distinguish from peers.

However, gluten in baby food is found only in cereals, with the exception of rice, buckwheat and corn. In Western countries, products have long been on the products that they are without gluten. And in our stores, we can see such markers even on a jar of puree from carrots. Honestly, I have a feeling that this is such a cunning marketing move. After all, there is still little reliable information about gluten in baby food and celiac disease, but many people know rumors and horror stories about it.

Conclusions about gluten in baby food

Personally for myself, I made several conclusions.

First, do not rush with the introduction of cereals in the diet of a baby. I understand that many grandmothers will remember now about their favorite semolina, on which almost all of us grew up. But time is different now, why to expose a child excessive risk, on sale many other, no less worthy options.

Secondly, carefully monitor the reaction of the crumbs to products containing gluten in baby food. And if doubts appear, right there to the doctor. In the end, the baby can simply allergies to any product and gluten will have nothing to do with it.

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