Glazing balconies with aluminum profile. Options and methods

In Soviet times, it was forbidden to glaze balconies. Officials motivated such a solution to a deterioration in the exterior of facades and the general city view. To some extent, this was an justified measure, if we recall that the balconies were glazed with the most “motley” material. But with the advent of an aluminum profile, the approach to this problem has radically changed.

Locked down for a long time, and today experts offer several options for glazing balconies. The most popular is considered to be non -heartbread glazing. However, practical customers prefer frames or frames, which are most often made from aluminum. Such glazing is warm and cold. Aluminum itself is an excellent heat conductor, so glazing is cold. But if the balcony is equipped with double frames, special innovative double -glazed windows, a special profile made of the same aluminum, then a similar design will perfectly hold and maintain heat.

Any glazed balcony is supplied with swing windows that have become a real classic or sliding. With swing frames, the structure is more sealed and the street noise passes less. Swing frames are somewhat cheaper and do not clutter up the internal space when opening. However, with temperature differences in the runners, water accumulates, which freezes during the next cooling and does not allow the window to open.

People order both warm and cold glazing options. But in any case, the glazed balcony does not allow to penetrate the dust room and street sounds. This is a kind of buffer installed between the living room and the noisy street. The balcony perfectly protects the apartment from aggressive weather factors. There are many glazing models on the modern market, so each customer can choose the model that corresponds to his needs, tastes and size of the wallet.

With aluminum glazing of the balcony, the curvature of aluminum systems is excluded. Installation seam must be dumped in two layers. Moreover, the second layer of foam is applied a couple of hours after the formation of the starting layer. Dried layers are sealed with a special protective tape.

It is hard to imagine a modern apartment today without a glazed balcony. The design decorates the facade of the house, protects the apartment from harmful atmospheric influences and makes housing even more convenient and comfortable.

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