Glazing balconies with a bent way

The traditional methods of insulation of balconies and loggias are being replaced by innovative methods, which affects their appearance and technological performance. Today we will discuss one of these methods – we will talk about oppressed glazing. This method has its own characteristics, which we will talk about in our article today.

Glazing of the balcony – features of appearance

The bent method is glazing using glasses not flat, but a curved shape, due to which a volumetric design is created. Bent glass, or in other words, molistic is made with a thickness of 3 to 20 mm. The maximum dimensions can reach up to 3.2 m. heights and up to 6 m. widths.

Production technology

The key detail of bent glazing is a glass sheet that is given the desired shape. This technology is performed in special furnaces at a temperature of 550-650 degrees. Since the glass sheet is exposed to high temperatures, its properties are as close as possible to the hardened glass.

Cooling occurs under a certain pressure of air by gradual temperature reduction.


According to the experts of the company, the window, to perform glazed glazing, there is no way to purchase a typical glass configuration. Each element is made to order, due to the fact that the slightest discrepancy in the bending radius will lead to the impossibility of docking the elements of glazing.

All this is the reason for the high cost of such designs.

Varieties of bent glass

To date, bent glass is produced for various purposes, for offices and apartments, which allows you to provide it with certain qualities. Among the most popular species of glasses, energy-saving canvases can be called with a closing. This type allows you to insulate balconies in Moscow and significantly reduce the costs of heating the apartment in winter.

In addition, to date, many companies make bent glass with reinforcement, tinting for the mass, apply various patterns, and also produce multifunctional products that combine several of the above functions.

Glazing technology

Today, glazing of balconies in Moscow using bent glass is carried out using various technologies. The most popular are semi-structural, structural, spider and rack-ribbon options.

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