Glacking the gazebo. The main methods and their advantages

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Each owner of a summer cottage always strives to ennoble it and make it more favorable for relaxation. A good solution could be the creation of a gazebo. Here you can get together with a friendly company or rest alone. Such a design will effectively protect against summer sun, rain and other troubles. The only problem can be a strong wind. Even minor drafts can lead to colds and other health problems. How to protect yourself from such troubles? In such a situation, you should think about glazing the gazebo. This will be an effective solution not only from the wind, but also from frosts more on the site .

Ways of glazing

To date, there are several ways to glaze:



Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In the first situation, an aluminum profile is used, characterized by a thermal gap. The presence of several air chambers provides the ability to significantly reduce the heat conductivity coefficient. This is a good solution for those who plan to relax in the gazebo in late autumn and even in winter. This method of glazing significantly reduces thermal losses. Thus, it allows you to minimize the cost of heating.

Among the advantages of this method, the following can be distinguished:

The possibility of expanding the functionality of the construction. Due to the use of any heating technique, the gazebo can be operated as a greenhouse or winter garden.

A favorable atmosphere within the structure throughout the round year.

As for cold glazing, this method is used in a situation where the owners plan to be in the gazebo only in the warm season (spring and summer). Such a structure is not able to warm. However, it perfectly protects against bad weather, providing the opportunity to significantly save.

The advantages of this method include:

Available cost. This is due to the fact that a cold aluminum profile is used to arrange the gazebo, characterized by a low price.

The ability to perform a boundless glazing of various designs.

Thus, the choice of a suitable method will depend on how often the owners plan to relax on their summer cottage and for what purposes to use the gazebo.

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