Functions and technical specifications Kuppersberg SB 663 L

Many housewives strive not only to feed the family, but also to create such dishes whose taste will be remembered forever. Kuppersberg ovens is simply created for cooking exquisite, delicious and insanely delicious dishes. Devices are made of high -quality materials, have all modern and additional functions, convenient management and stylish design. The Kuppersberg SB 663 l of purple color looks original, which can be a decoration of the kitchen, both in the style of modern and in the classic version.

Kuppersberg ovens

Kuppersber ovens both gas and electric – these are built -in devices that are distinguished by compactness, multifunctionality, efficiency, reliability and high degree of safety. A wide range of technology of the German brand is replete with models made in various stylistic solutions. Kuppersberg overshots are distinguished by a variety of color palette. In the manufacturer catalog, you can choose units of black, white, burgundy, beige and purple colors. There are models of anthracite, stainless steel and mirror.

KupPersberg ovens have a number of advantages. They are equipped with several work modes – from three to ten, among which not only traditional, but also wide possibilities for cooking dishes for gourmets. The oppression of the units are equipped with telescopic guides, which allows us to conveniently put forward and push the elements during cooking. Electricity savings – an important factor for making a decision on buying the oven Kuppersberg. All electrical models of the German manufacturer have a class of energy consumption A, which allows you to prepare without restrictions and not spend excess energy.

Many of the manufacturer from Germany are equipped with a grill function that cools the body fan, have a sound timer and digital display. For the preparation of the most appetizing, aromatic dishes with a crisp, in separate units, a convection function is provided. Both gas and electric ovens Kuppersberg have a catalytic cleaning system, due to which the cleansing of the internal surfaces of the oven occurs directly during cooking under the influence of high temperature and chemical catalyst. In addition, a special coverage of the oven body allows you to easily maintain the equipment clean, since it does not remain fingerprints.

Electric oven SB 663 L

Electric oven SB 663 L is very popular among buyers. This independent device from Kuppersberg is the new generation technique equipped with an intuitive control concept. Using a convenient touch programmer in the oven Kuppersberg SB 663 L, you can quickly choose one of nine modes. The information display shows what mode and cooking time are selected.

To save your own time, you can use the multifunctional timer available in the oven Kuppersberg SB 663 L, which independently controls the cooking process. The maxi-grill function allows you to evenly bake the meat from all sides, which turns out a dish with a delicious golden crust. If necessary, to very quickly prepare a culinary masterpiece, for example, by the quick arrival of guests, you can use the turbo mode that will significantly save your time. Convenient chrome canvas allow you to easily use baking sheets, quickly and comfortably extending and pushing them.

Convenient sensory management

The sensory control, which only the Kuppersberg electric oven is equipped with, has no buttons and switches – only the control display is controlled. Unlike the mechanical method, you do not need to press the buttons or twist the switches – to select the required mode or function, one light touch is enough.

The advantages of sensory management include:

Simplicity in caring for equipment – when washing the outer part of the oven, fat and pieces of products do not get stuck anywhere;

Easy to manage – one touch is enough to select the necessary regime or function;

Stylish design – the touch panel on the device looks beautiful and more modern.

Additional functions

A very useful feature in the oven Kuppersberg is convection. In this mode, you can bake large pieces of meat, make wonderful pies and large pies, even dry herbs or crackers. With convection with a small heating, you can quickly defrost meat, fish or fruits from the refrigerator.

The essence of this mode is that with the help of a fan, a hot flow of air evenly circulates throughout the heating chamber. In a closed chamber, the cooler literally creates a whirlwind of hot air masses, which allows you to evenly bake dishes. The oven cabinets of the German brand have bright backlight, which allows you to see the whole process of cooking well. The maxi-grill function allows you to bake the meat better, making it ruddy and crispy.

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