From which log to build a house?

The log houses are the most natural, being in them soothes and favorably affects health. But there is some selection of logs and not everyone is distinguished by durability and great quality. And log cabins are very expensive, so you should pay close attention to the material before the construction.

Calibrated logs are obtained by machining round forest on special machines. Such logs are all the same and smooth. The assembly of the house is very simple and ends in the shortest possible time. But there are tangible disadvantages – when adjusting logs, not only the bark is removed from them, but also the protective layer – the bast. Such logs are influenced by moisture, parasites are more often starting in them, they rot faster. And in case of moisture and temperature drops, they move and twist.

Only the bark and a slight part of the bast are removed from the strict logs. They retain a certain difference in diameter and unevenness, so that when assembling require additional fitting. The complexity of work with a strict log is higher, but the house will also go longer.

Norwegian cutting, or a carriage is the middle between the beam and the log, since the edges are chopped off on both sides. The house is even and beautiful, but the logs are subject to rapid destruction. There is still a semi -lafet – this is a log with one cut -off edge. To increase durability should be carefully treated with antiseptics.

The most durable material is a branded log. Such logs are removed only by the bark, and the entire protective layer is preserved. Logs are only grinded to make them more smooth. Scraped logs are very uneven and different. Fleeting and assembling the house is a very long and time -consuming process. Scraped logs are cheaper than the rest, but the assembly of the house from them will be more costly, but it will simple longer and does not require additional external and interior decoration.

The last view is a forn log. It was subjected only to minimal processing – cleaning from the bark and all. Their appearance is not very beautiful, so they will also have to be processed by finishing materials. But the house will be durable and durable.

The choice is based on the quality of the material, its price and ease of assembly, since all types of logs have various indicators of these qualities, you can easily pick up the best option for building your home.

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