Flowers in the winter: diamond news of the golden season

Summer still continues to caress the bodies with its gentle golden rays, and fashion magazines are already replete with photographs of luxurious furs and stylish leather skirts. This suggests that the most suitable time has come to update your autumn-winter wardrobe. What should be viewed on store shelves?

On the eve of large -scale fashion weeks, which will ride a powerful wave throughout Europe and the United States, the creators of the style are in no hurry to discover all new -fangled secrets. Nevertheless, they already managed to timidly at the previews-locations, but they noticeably show off their diamond ideas.

In the new season, autumn-winter, inspiration from the images of past centuries acquired their rich embodiment. Earlier, the fashion designers only slightly hinted at the spirit of the inspirational era, but now they have completely deepened into the aesthetics of the past. The most relevant style will be vintage. Meaned Midi skirts and fitted blouses with collars racks will be the main image of the autumn season. Emancipated outfits that were visible last spring were covered with a strip and retreated to the background. Their alternative replacement was trouser costumes on suspenders with elongated jackets. In combination with this, a fashionable hat with a pen will be perfectly in harmony. Victorian and Gothic dresses made in a modern manner continue to strengthen their positions in fashion trends. Fans of heavy music also did not go unnoticed by designers. Total Black is returning to fashion in a shiny jacket. Lovers of social life is also awaiting an extraordinary novelty. She became evening dresses with asymmetric hem. Long skirts are accompanied by high cuts on the side or in the center. These impudent dresses have a deaf top or feminine hollow sleeves, gracefully emphasizing the line of fragile shoulders and a seductive neckline.

Winter also did not leave fashionistas without original new products.  The star of the podium of the 90s returned to fashion-Coat-Khalat! Obviously, next year, the public will again see the Nonnushka dress in combination with the Berets-the favorite outfit of the young Britney Spears. The highlight of the frosty season will be elegant fur scarves that are attached to the case with a stylish belt.

Of course, all these extraordinary outfits were not left without accompanying accessories and jewelry. Demand for precious flowers will begin this fall and will grow rapidly in winter. Classes and chains were among the fashionable earrings, the rings will have to retreat into the background. The most relevant became clove earrings. This time, the variety of their forms does not make the eyes run along the counter.  Jewelry designers focused their creative attention around the floral theme. They did not dare to expel classic pusets with pearls and diamonds from the trend.

High bracelets will have to be folded deeper into the casket, classic metal bracelets ripened for their replacement. The rings are also now preferable in midi, unlike our and large jewelry. A special place in the fashionable innovations of the cold season was occupied by massive chockers created in the form of numerous colors, gracefully intertwined with refined twigs. Of course, such a decoration is generously strewn with flickering diamonds of round cut. A lot of interesting products with such a cut can be found on the site .

Despite the fact that Western fashion designers are still slowly applying autumn novelties to the masses, trend jewelry is already represented by the jewelry online store Daimox. Only there you can already stock up on autumn-winter new things at affordable prices.

Let the golden autumn generously give you a diamond shine from Daimox!

Author: Julia Mostovaya

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