Finishing the house with siding

During the construction of a private house, its owners will sooner or later collide with the issue of choosing finishing material. A very large selection of finishing materials is presented in the modern market, having studied it, a person is misleading, because he does not know what it is better for him to choose. To date, the most popular material for the external decoration of residential buildings is siding. After all, the price of the facades with siding is not too high.

This concept came to us from the USA and Canada. About 100 years ago, this term was meant an external cladding of a house made of natural wood. But, any natural materials are very expensive, not every person can allow this luxury.

Siding today is a facing material from vinyl and a number of certain additives. In terms of its properties, it is very similar to a tree, it just costs much cheaper. Siding can be of different colors and with different patterns. He can imitate wood, decorative bricks and natural stones. The choice depends on the individual preferences of the client.

Advantages and disadvantages of siding

As mentioned above, siding is very popular. Most of the owners of private houses give him preference because of a number of advantages:

Easy installation. There is no need to spend extra money on the wage of the team of builders, which will perform the exterior decoration of the house. This can be done independently without any effort.

High temperatures resistance. No matter how much the air temperature rises, the siding will not lose its appearance.

Sunny resistance. Do not worry that under the influence of direct sunlight, the finish will quickly lose color.

Moisture resistance.

Resistance to adverse external factors and natural conditions.

As you can see, siding has all the necessary characteristics, which each buyer usually pays attention to. But there is nothing perfect. Siding has a significant drawback.

The main disadvantage of this facing material is instability to low temperatures. In regions where up to 30 degrees of frost falls into the temperature, it is better to use another finishing material. At low temperatures, siding loses its properties and becomes fragile. If you still decide to dwell on this option, then you need to choose a frost -resistant siding. But, the cost of such material will be significantly higher.

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