Features of the staircase from granite

Granite is one of the most popular materials that is distinguished by natural beauty and nobility. If you want to make a staircase out of granite, then this place will always attract the attention of the guests with your luxury.

Due to the fact that granite is very durable and solid material, it is often used for both facing and the production of steps from granite.

The advantages of this particular stone include:

Resistance to various atmospheric differences, so that repair work is not necessary;

Persistent moisture resistance. This characteristic serves as a huge advantage, because it is not subjected to fungal formations.

Recently, it has become quite fashionable to perform steps at the entrance of granite, because the building acquires a completely different look.

There are frequent cases when a staircase and a railing at the entrance to some administrative building are fully made of granite. Granite balusters that decorate the flight of stairs give a feeling of solemnity. In this case, the need for additional decor is already completely disappeared.

Granite overhead modules as an alternative to granite steps

Before conceiving the construction of a granite staircase, it is important to understand that the steps from the whole stone will cost quite expensive. However, today there are overhead granite modules that are made of a granite layer, with a very acceptable price category.

The installation of such steps is carried out by thin sheets of the material that conduct facing work.

Thanks to the huge selection of a color palette, you can choose the color that will advantageously emphasize all the advantages of the design of the interior.

It should be remembered that the heat treatment of the stairs inside the house made of natural stone is better not to produce, because the brilliance will be lost in this way. A more optimal option will be the carpet coating. The granite staircase that is located at the entrance is best treated with anti -slip means.

Thanks to the versatility of the material, from the granite slab, not only stairs, but also working surfaces, countertops, washbasin are performed. When designing a kitchen, this material is practically not replaced, and several times superior to popular ceramic tiles. The extensive use of granite only confirms its characteristics of the strength.

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