Features of the parquet floor

The appearance and quality of the flooring are indicators of prosperity and taste. Ensure reliability and beauty is already at the very initial stage.

Linoleum flooring is cheaper than laying a parquet floor, although the parquet floor is better material. But laying the laminate is also in demand.

The pluses of the parquet floor:

Environmental friendliness and wear resistance belong to the main advantages of the parquet floor. A chic appearance gives the beauty and great demand of the product. The material from which the parquet floor is made is a tree, it is little exposed to the effects of the natural and environment.

Parquet flooring: Parquet board characteristics

Sinteros parquet board consists of a three -layer structure. Selected and valuable layers are located on the upper layer. They are covered with protective substance and varnish. On the bottom layer there is a veneer, and on the middle layer – coniferous wood from durable fibers.

Advantages of laying parquet:

Paul laying is considered one of the important stages of apartment renovation. Usually they supply parquet boards in the finished form. But before that, the floor must be processed and cleaned. Parquet laying takes a little time. It occurs faster with without adhesive parquet. The shape of the boards is not subject to deformation, the temperature of humidity and fluctuations on the size of the parquet do not affect. Also, the advantages include varnish, factory grinding, accuracy of forms. It is worth noting that the varnish coating is an indispensable factor, because it is it that provides long -term and quality of parquet boards. Parquet boards are installed on the cleaned sex surface. It is impossible to install styling without an even and pure base. At a certain temperature mode, the flooring occurs. Also, it is worth considering the operating conditions. Air humidity changes greatly during the heating process. The recommendations of experts are that in the winter you need to use a humidifier. The humidifier contributes to the health of residents and has a good effect on parquet. Parquet floor is not suitable for premises with dried air. Before installing the floor, parquet material should be in the package for about 48 hours. Then it should be unpacked and applied. The parquet is made of natural materials corresponding to the operating standards, so all requirements for its installation and use should be strictly completed.

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