Features of the installation of the water heater

Most of our compatriots regularly face the problem of lack of hot water. That is why many prefer not to depend on utilities, as well as their inclusion/disconnection schedule of warm water. For this, the apartment is installed in the apartment of hot water supply systems. Like most works that are associated with home repairs, the installation of such equipment can be performed on their own or with the help of a qualified specialist. Given the fact that such work will take no more than one and a half to two hours, many owners decide to do everything on their own.


Before starting installation, it is necessary to perform preparation. First of all, you should choose the right place. It is important that it meets the following requirements:

High wall strength where the device is planned. She is obliged to withstand weight, which will exceed the weight of the water heater by about doubled (taking into account the liquid that will appear inside it).

The presence of free access to the device.

Risers and pipes must be in excellent condition. This will provide the opportunity to “cut” the necessary elements.

The presence of high -quality wiring. She is obliged to cope with the tasks without unnecessary overload.

In the installation work, you will need the following tools:


Roulette or ruler.


Divorce key.

Screwdriver Set.


Locking taps (at least three pieces).

Standard installation involves connecting the device so that the production of warm water is carried out in parallel with a single water supply system. This technique provides for the closure of the riser. Thus, the liquid will not go further through the system.

When the connection is fulfilled, given the numerous safety requirements, you need to apply voltage. If everything is done correctly, then the confirmation of this will be the signal from the device launch indicator. Then you can proceed to regulate the temperature regime in accordance with the instructions from the manufacturer.

Despite the apparent simplicity of work, it is recommended that you turn to specialists for help. This will avoid many problems. In addition, good masters always offer a guarantee for the work performed. Thus, in the event of any malfunctions, he will always be able to correct everything.

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