Features of the installation of floors in a house made of wood

Before designing the type of floors in a wooden house, it is necessary to find out what the peculiarity of the floor arrangement is, as well as to deal with the intricacies that occur during the installation work. First of all, it should be noted that the construction of a beam or wood should be equipped with either a concrete floor or wooden.

As for the floors of wood, they must have several layers to fully meet all the norms and characteristics. Most often, the design of the floor of wood materials consists of the following layers:

– layer of the draft floor;

– a layer protecting from moisture and holding heat;

– a layer of the floor of the finishing;

– The floor coating layer.

If desired, in the middle of this design, you can mount the so -called “warm floor”, which will provide a comfortable flooring temperature. To do this, you need to form a closed heating system between the draft and the finished layer, which will be hidden for an extension observer.

Когда у дома нет бетонного основания, то тогда пол монтируется на балки, которые в зависимости от особенностей проекта могут быть либо заведены в стены дома, либо опираться на опорные столбы. In the latter case, the support pillars and beams should fit tightly to each other for the reliability of the structure.

Arrangement of black floors is a very important stage in the installation of floors in a house made of wood. The main tasks of the draft floor are:

– ensure the necessary rigidity of the coating;

– create an air “pillow”, thanks to which heat will not leave home;

– prevent the situation in which a skew of the entire structure will occur.

In some situations, the walls of wooden buildings can move slightly, while changing the position of the drafts. If a multi -layer flooring of the floor was used during the installation of the floors, the shift will affect only at the lower level, while the flooring will remain in its place and will not be deformed.

Most often, draft floors are made of unrefined boards pre -treated with special drugs and antiseptics. For a draft floor, it is best to choose a board with a thickness of at least ten millimeters.

In a wooden house, floors need waterproofing and additional insulation. There are many types of heat -insulating materials, but preference should be given to those that have minimal moisture absorption and good insulating properties, and which are easy to install and durable.

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