Features of the design of a wooden staircase

The internal M-shaped stairs have a lot of advantages, due to which they are widely used in country houses and two-tier apartments made in both classical and original neo-style. The configuration of such stairs is extremely convenient, as it allows you to preserve a considerable amount of space, which is especially important for small -sized premises. The Mr.-shaped staircase of several march spans consists, which allows you to evenly distribute the load on both sides of the structure. It is better to order a staircase made of wood than to make it yourself.

Mr.-shaped staircase with an intermediate platform is ideal for installation in country houses, cottages and cottages. This is due to the fact that such stairs are very easy to install and operate, their cost is small, and whimsicality is minimal. If desired, to mount such a staircase without involving specialists will not be difficult. It all depends only on your desire and the availability of free time.

The design of such a staircase is quite simple and concise, but it can be “revived” and made brighter using the elements of the decoration and decor. Wooden stairs can be finished with marble, metal, glass or add original details from the same type of wood. Most of these stairs are made of a combination of several types of materials, which adds reliability and functionality to them.

A staircase of this type tightly adjacent to the wall, which makes the design not only as reliable and stable, but also compact. Additional supporting supports in this case do not need. A free space is formed under the L-shaped staircase, which can also be favorably used to store household trifles.

Wooden stairs with an intermediate platform are distinguished by a beautiful design, sophisticated grace of shapes and lines. Such a staircase will decorate any cottage or cottage made in a classic or country style. A staircase with a metallic basis differs not only in non -standard execution, but also with increased strength and durability. Concrete Mr.-shaped staircases consist of formwork, flooded with concrete mixture. Such a staircase will be as reliable, practical and universal. The ladder made of reinforced concrete is distinguished by minimalism of design, so it is ideal for rooms in modern styles of “minimum” and “high-tech”.

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