Features of the design and operation of the air conditioner

The functioning of each air conditioning system is based on the ability of liquids to absorb heat during evaporation, as well as to give it during condensation.


The main elements of any modern air conditioner are the following elements:


Thermoregulating valve.



These parts are combined by means of metal tubes. This allows them to form a freezer contour. It moves a mixture of refrigerant and a small amount of oil. If you want to buy air conditioning, follow the link .

How everything works?

Any air conditioning operates on this principle. Initially, a refrigerant is sent to the compressor in a gaseous state. At this stage, the substance is characterized by minimal pressure, which is from three to five atmospheres. Its temperature is in the range of ten to twenty degrees.

The compressor is responsible for compressing the refrigerant. As a result of this process, its pressure reaches the mark of fifteen to twenty-five atmospheres. Thus, the substance is heated to eighty-nine degrees. In the future, it is sent to the capacitor. This device is blown by cool air. Due to this, the temperature of the refrigerant decreases. It turns into a liquid and begins to secrete heat. As for the air flow passing through the capacitor, its temperature rises.

Heated refrigerant is sent to a special heat regulatory valve from the capacitor. In household models, it is made in the form of a capillary. The device is an oblong and ornate pipe. Often, it is created from copper. Due to the passage through this device, the pressure of the refrigerant gradually decreases to three to five atmospheres.

Then the substance finds himself in the evaporator, blown up by indoor air. Here the refrigerant again becomes gas, takes heat from the air. Thus, the temperature in the room begins to gradually decrease. After that, the refrigerant in a gaseous state is sent to the compressor. All this leads to a repeated repetition of the above cycle.

It is worth noting that this principle is used in every modern air conditioner, regardless of the model, as well as a company that is engaged in their production.

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