Features of rest in Lithuania

Russian tourists may not be afraid that they will not understand them in Lithuania, because this state was part of the USSR, so local residents know the Russian language well and can speak freely on it. Almost all citizens over thirty years old speak Russian freely, while young people know English well. In addition, Belarusian and Polish are actively used on the territory of this state.

Everyone who smokes is worth hiding cigarettes away, because in local bars, cafeterias, as well as restaurants they are not allowed to smoke, and violators may be punished with a great fine. All smokers can smoke in the appropriate places that are equipped on the street. It is forbidden to smoke outside.

Shops here are open on weekdays from ten to seven in the evening, on Saturday shops work only up to three, and Sunday is a mandatory day off. Of course, there are places that work around the clock, but there are very few of them and most are food stores.

It is worth considering that visiting museums and various exhibitions is paid. Most work almost all week, with the exception of Monday.

The local climate is moderate, and the air has increased humidity. The average January temperature is nine degrees of frost. It is not very hot in the summer, the temperature fluctuates in the region of twenty degrees, and in July it often rains.

The main attractions

Lithuanian hotels are always full of tourists, because there are so many interesting things here. The largest city is the capital of the state – Vilnius. People of different nationalities live here, indigenous Lithuanians are less than sixty percent. The rest are immigrants from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, as well as Russia. It is in the capital that the cultural life of the whole country is concentrated.

The capital is conditionally divided into a new and old part. The old city is the main attraction, because it is here that there are many interesting ruins of medieval castles. The lower castle located near the foot of the Gediminas was partially preserved. You can climb the castle mountain to evaluate all the splendor of this city.

The main feature of the capital is the layout of the streets, because the authorities tried to preserve it as it was in ancient times. It is quite asymmetric and is characterized by a slight expansion before squares or intersections.

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