Fashion accessory of autumn 2013 – stylish bag

Bag is one of the most beloved and irreplaceable accessories in a woman. In the wardrobe of a modern and fashionable lady there is not a single handbag! To draw up an ensemble for the office, walks and solemn events will require at least a dozen handbags.

In the fashion season of autumn 2013, designers offer several completely different directions of bag design at once. Volumetric bags are returned with triumph, which are increasingly called Shopper. Unlike models of past seasons, the voluminous bag has acquired clear, you can even say classic forms. Volumetric bags of natural leather, which have a fairly concise and simple design, will be very popular. The main decoration of such a bag of a bag will be – color. Indigo, chocolate, cinnamon and security bags will be very relevant. Shopper bag should only be used with Casual style clothes, it is completely applicable for office or evening style.

Stylish business lady designers offer to use the Holder and Handbag bag model. Despite the fact that these sizes are smaller than Shopper, they are still quite spacious. The rectangular and trapezivable shape of these bags allows you to place not only the necessary everyday accessories (phone, cosmetic bag and key holder), but also a folder with documents and business papers. Choosing a bag for an office, do not save. For example, at a business meeting, the bag will characterize the level of your success and recreedity. Despite the fact that a fairly simple design is used in bags for work, a fashionable shade of an office bag will give a print to the skin of exotic animals, such as a python, crocodile or ostrich.

For everyday ensembles, designers offer incredibly comfortable handbags with a strap over the shoulder. This model of bags is especially loved by stylish and bright girls. The design of such bags can be the most vivid and unusual. At the shows, designers demonstrated many different variations of this handbag of this model. A quilted handbag of “candy flowers” ​​or a geometric style of knitwear looks very original.

Handles with medium -length handles are a universal model that allows you to wear it both on the shoulder and on the bend of the elbow. In this fashion season, designers offer a variety of color solutions and decor of such bags: from a unified biker style with rivets and lightning to a glamorous handbag of luxurious brocade or tapestry.

Undoubted favorite – clutch, probably every modern woman has. Today, the clutch is no longer considered an evening handbag, fashionistas are actively using it for everyday style. In order not to lose a special chic and charm of clutch, designers offer clutches with Leopardov and Snake Print. In addition, such a bright and charismatic color can be supplemented with decorative lightning, spikes and stones. Undoubtedly, such an extravagant model is suitable only for stylish and confident women, turning them into the Amazons of “City Jungle”.

Complete the parade of fashionable bags – soft handbags. As last season, the popular material will remain – natural fur, but only having a short and thick pile. Actual fur for soft bags – mink and beaver. This season, soft fur handbags do not have a romantic orientation. Rectangular laconic models will be in fashion, which look truly luxurious and rich.

Undoubtedly, the choice of fashionable directions for fall bags 2013 is quite large, so feel free to buy original and unusual models to create a unique image.

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