Fabrics for spring/summer 2014

The mercury rises inexorably with summer.

And not only the temperature but also the humidity of the air grows. In such conditions it is very important to wear the right clothes. Fabric selection in Moscow for sewing things should be based not only on fashion trends and personal preferences, but also on how you'll feel in the summer heat.


According to experts, the best option will be free cut clothes made of transparent and translucent fabrics. At the same time the material must be air permeable and absorbent. The right fabric for your clothing is a guarantee of your comfort

A special place in sewing summer clothes are natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, viscose, lightweight denim.

Linen ..

… it's a classic that always goes one step ahead. Its natural beauty, characteristic seams and softness help create the perfect image. For centuries, people have preferred to wear linen. This is explained by its unique properties, including hypoallergenic, the ability to inhibit the vital activity of pathogenic bacteria, conditioning properties, hygroscopicity. In addition, linen can protect against the negative effects of UV radiation, which is especially important in the summertime.


Cotton also has a long history. This fabric has a soft structure, perfectly absorbs moisture, while providing ventilation of the human body. Today you can buy cotton fabrics in Moscow and sew stylish and elegant clothes. However, despite many advantages, cotton and linen have the ability to crumple, which is not the best effect on the appearance of things. That is why materials containing not more than 10% of synthetic fibers in addition to natural cotton or linen are gaining popularity nowadays. Such an additive improves the performance and aesthetic characteristics of things.


Viscose favorably combines the plasticity of silk and the brilliancy of satin. It drapes perfectly into pleats and is suitable for sewing almost any garment. Viscose can effectively complement the natural cotton and linen.

Lightweight denim

Lightweight denim is a great option for summer. Thanks to the fact that the modern light industry has reached great heights, we have the opportunity to appreciate all the advantages of this versatile material, from which you can sew things for all occasions.

Choosing the color of summer clothes

Due attention in the choice of things, should be given to the color of the material. Dark colors can absorb heat, and light colors – on the contrary repel. That is why in the heat a person in a light-colored clothing feels more comfortable. White is considered to be a traditional summer color. It is able to provide a high level of protection from solar radiation. In addition, the white color perfectly combines with any other colors and shades. For example, white tops or T-shirts will look seamless with mottled skirts and blue jeans, khaki pants. In these outfits you will feel comfortable and confident.

The best way to choose a summer closet is to be creative. Choosing fabrics, try to experiment with prints. Just a couple of touches and a simple summer suit turns into a stylish outfit.

In the summer closet must be a couple of tops and shirts. You can combine them with jackets, jackets, shirts and even dresses. Particular attention should be paid to shirts with short sleeves and sleeveless shirts. The choice of the length of skirts, dresses and shorts should be determined by the length and slimness of legs. The closet should necessarily include open dresses, lace skirts, pantsuits. Fashionable and comfortable clothes in summer are shorts.

Before you buy fabrics for sewing summer clothes once again flip through fashion magazines and learn more about this season's trends. Be sure to pay attention to color and density of the material. When shopping, do not forget that a combination of style and comfort is especially important in the summer season.

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