Exercise during pregnancy

Now most doctors during pregnancy relate to future mothers, as patients and attribute them rest and peace. But in fact, you should not refuse sports, except in cases where there are contraindications or there is a threat of termination of pregnancy. By playing sports during pregnancy, you will not only maintain physical shape, and you will disappear completely or the lower back, joints will improve, the mood and general emotional state will improve, stress will leave, the pelvic joints will be more elastic, the spine will be strengthened, because it will be given an additional load. It is proved that in women who regularly did physical exercises during pregnancy, children were born with large life indicators than those who lay the entire pregnancy on the couch and led a sedentary lifestyle. They recovered easier and faster after childbirth, acquired a former form faster, prevented the appearance of stretch marks, as well as the ability to gain excess weight. Before you start playing sports during pregnancy, you must definitely consult your doctor. After all, there may be contraindications for classes for the health reasons for the future mother or child. If the doctor permits, then choose for yourself exactly the exercises that you prefer, during which you will feel the most comfortable. Types of physical exercises that are suitable for pregnant women: • walking on foot – select your pace (fairly fast step), pick up the right shoes. In the second and third trimester, you need to take care of the bandage for pregnant women. Do not forget to monitor breathing (avoid shortness of breath) and drink more fluids (avoid dehydration). • swimming – do not make special efforts, body weight in water decreases, swelling of the arms and legs decreases, perfectly supports the tone of the whole organism, giving the joints a minimum load. It is necessary to avoid jumping into water, diving, sharp turns, starting from the first months of pregnancy. Select a calm, even rhythm for swimming. • Running is not recommended, it is better to replace with fast walking. But if you ran regularly before pregnancy, you can continue in the first and second trimester, and in the third you need to refuse it. • Aerobics – some can engage in aerobics to the very birth, but experts recommend either significantly reducing the intensity and number of loads, or go to special aerobics for pregnant women. Aerobica is contraindicated during the pregnancy of the step-aerobic, as well as the performance of jerks, jumps. • Bicycle – you can not stop training during the entire pregnancy, but in the second and third trimester it is better to transfer to an exercise bike to avoid injuries or falls. • Lift weights – will help after the birth of a child to get used to carrying him in his hands, improves metabolism. Dumbbells must be taken for a maximum of 2-3 kilograms. In the second trimester, do not lift severity, lying on your back, and in the third do them sitting. • Yoga – will help relieve stress, improve flexibility, as well as muscle tone. In the later stages of pregnancy, refuse jumping, posing on your stomach and back, bending and inclinations. When engaged in physical exercises, it is important to remember your interesting position: do not overheat, drink more water, monitor breathing and pulse, wear clothes that do not hesitate to move. You can read about this and much more and take part in the discussion of the forums of mothers, for example, UA.Info/. And remember that as soon as you have any unpleasant sensations – immediately stop any load and consult your doctor.

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