Event Dome tents: advantages, types and choice

Geodesic dome houses are unique and innovative designs. They are the most energy efficient, so you will be able to save a large amount of money on heating and air conditioning of the space.

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What are the advantages of geodesic dome houses?

These modern designs really have many strengths. Among the most important points are:

  1. Durability and stability. Geodesic domes are highly durable. They are not deformed by wind loads, snowfalls, earthquakes and other natural phenomena.
  2. Efficient use of materials. Due to their geometry, geodesic domes require fewer materials to construct. It is cheaper to organize such a structure than to create a traditional rectangular house.
  3. Ease of construction. You can build a geodesic dome house easily and quickly. In particular, the construction process is accelerated if ready-made assembly kits are used in practice.
  4. Energy efficiency. Due to the minimal number of corners, heat loss in geodesic domes is minimal. Even in the harsh winter, it’s warm inside the house, but you won’t have to overpay for heating.
  5. Maximum space. The internal space of the buildings is open, there are no load-bearing walls. Thanks to this, you are not limited when it comes to decorating the interior of your home.

Dome shapes give the house a modern and unique look. This is an excellent option for decorating the area, as the structure evokes genuine delight.

Stages of construction of a geodesic dome house

To construct such a building, it is necessary to follow certain steps. Let’s look at them in more detail:

  • planning and design: determine the size, shape and design of the dome, as well as select materials and construction technologies;
  • site preparation: clear and prepare the site for construction, organize the foundation or prepare the site for the dome;
  • production of dome elements: make or order dome elements (triangles, rods, etc.);
  • frame assembly: the frame is assembled, the elements are connected and secured in the desired configuration;
  • insulation and sheathing: walls and roof are insulated, internal and external surfaces are sheathed to create a protective layer;
  • finishing work: interior and exterior finishing is carried out, windows and doors are installed, floors, heating and ventilation systems are organized.

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