Drywall is widely used in modern construction and finishing work. Sheets are created from a gypsum base, which is glued on both sides of durable cardboard. Usually they have a standard size of 120 x 240 cm, but you can easily create another size that the customer needs.

Highlight ordinary drywall, such as x, moisture resistant and ceiling, as well as in advance trimmed.

Normal drywall is used for wall decoration in rooms. Type X is very fireproof, as it contains special additives in the composition.

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Ceiling sheets are very durable and do not sag over time. Drywall of waterproof is usually used to finish the surfaces of the room in which there is increased humidity. It is worth noting that it cannot be used for showers, where very high humidity. A pre -finished drywall is intended for unusual surfaces, convex or curved shape.

Drywall cutting

First, the sheet is measured and the line is determined where the incision will pass. This is done using a conventional roulette. Along the flight, it is necessary to draw a line with a tip with a knife, which will lead to a scratching of the sheet. Next, the panel should be bent in the opposite direction, which will lead to a leaf of a leaf along a scratch. At the last stage, paper is cut on the wrong side of the panel.

Installation of drywall panels

There are certain conditions and rules in accordance with which must be installed by drywall sheets.

Two installation methods are distinguished: frame and frameless.

The frameless method

In the case of using a frameless method, it is not necessary to create a frame, so the sheets are installed on the base using special glue solutions. This method is great for wall cladding that have not been plastered. During installation, it is important that the height of the cladding is not above the height of the drywall sheet, the glue should be applied strictly according to the instructions, and during installation it is important that there is a gap between the surface and the sheet is at least half a centimeter.

The frame method is used to create partitions between rooms, various designs for walls and for suspended ceilings. The frame can be made from the profile, wood or metal. During the installation, it is important that the frame is ideally suited under the sheets, on the ceiling they need to be laid in a checkerboard pattern, and during fastening with screws it is important that the heads are drowned by 0.2 cm.

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