Dressing with savings is real!

Ideally, the wardrobe should consist of two parts: the base, which includes trousers, classic skirts, jeans and jumper, and “decorative”. The latter recks the vests, scarves, stoles, blouses of bright colors and T-shirts with any image. The ratio of these parts should be approximately 70 to 30.

Most of the clothes should be in a classic style – this is a guarantee that it will not go out of fashion soon. Since such clothes are worn for a long time, it means that it can be purchased in drains. The fact that the classic skirt belongs to the last year’s collection will not know, but you will pay much less for it than for the novelty.

Surprisingly, expensive wardrobe items help to save money. No need to spare money for handbags, shoes and outerwear. These things should be truly high-quality. They plus hairstyle, skin care and nails create a general impression of respectability. Often, looking in the mirror, they think that it is enough to purchase a new thing, and the appearance will cause envy of others. In fact, this is not the main thing. Sometimes it’s enough to sleep well, visit the beauty salon, make manicure and hairstyle – even in the old thing you can look amazing.

You can save on buying clothes using seasonal sales and special promotions, which are now often practiced in stores and shopping centers. For this, you will not even have to always run to the store so as not to miss the time of discounts. It is enough to register like a regular customer, and messages will come to the mobile phone about the start of sales. It will not hurt to subscribe to coupon sites such as “Gruopon” or – and you will be aware of the latest offers on discounts in various stores.

A great means of savings are discount maps. It is not necessary to purchase them in each store, you can borrow, for example, from your friends. This is beneficial to both sides: the occupier will receive discounts, and the borrower will be bonuses and the grown discount.

Recently it has become popular to make purchases, including clothes, in online stores. Not everything is definitely here. It’s good that the price is much lower than in boutiques. However, the purchase will have to be made by eye, without fitting. Therefore, in order not to spend money in vain, but to save money, you should take into account some tips to purchase wardrobe items via the Internet. Carefully study the size line on the site. This will help to correctly decide on the size of the thing you like. Find out if there is a return of goods, if so, then how. It may happen that the size is still not your. Another question that it is advisable to ask the manager is under what conditions the delivery is made, and what is its cost. Often this, as well as the size of the discount, depends on the amount you are going to spend in this store. If the order is large enough, then delivery can be free. Hence another opportunity to save – placing an order together with a friend or colleague.

If you are tired of your old wardrobe, do not rush to buy a new. You can inhale life into those things that you are going to throw away. To do this, just purchase a stylish scarf on the neck or accessories. The stores are now a wide selection of jewelry that will change any thing from your wardrobe beyond recognition. This, you see, will cost cheaper than buying a new dress or blouse.

As you can see, saving on clothes is quite simple. Using these rules, you yourself will learn to see the opportunity to save, you can give advice to friends how to live more economically. And you can always buy something really necessary for the delayed money.

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