Dismantling of furniture – what you need to know

For many owners, the dismantling of furniture when moving is an irresistible obstacle. After all, not everyone is able to hold tools in their hands and have the necessary knowledge in order to easily disassemble the cabinet or chest of drawers.

The lack of special technical knowledge, as well as the necessary tool, will become a stumbling block even for true enthusiasts. After all, the old wardrobe or sofa is very difficult to disassemble. Most bolts and fasteners are rusted over time. And an attempt to remove the door from the hinges can turn into a spoiled fittings. Needless to talk about damage to such consumables as screws, bolts or nuts.

It is especially disappointing if the next furniture is not intended for disposal, but for transportation to a country house. In this case, it will be incredibly difficult to assemble the subject of the interior a few days later. And the search for suitable accessories will also take a lot of time.

The easiest and most affordable way out will be to appeal to specialists who can organize a apartment or office move within one daylight day. The cost of disassembling furniture is directly related to the volume of work performed, as well as a feature of interior items subjected to this manipulation.

How we are working

Dismantling of furniture, the price of which is quite affordable for the owner of the apartment, office or country house, is unusually popular when ordering crossings. After all, taking a overall cabinet or piano on narrow staircases is simply impossible.

The call of the appraiser of our company will allow you to receive reliable information about the cost of the furniture disassembly service.

Also, such communication will make it possible to clarify the deadlines for the manipulation and get information about what guarantees the company provides for its services. The customer will be able to inform the company’s specialist in advance about the need to disassemble the furniture, taking into account the possibility of its subsequent assembly. Or use the service of disposal of old furniture, which is also provided by our company.

The master will not only professionally analyze the furniture, but also packs the components and fittings as carefully as possible. At the request of the customer, an employee of the company can perform a service for assembling an interior item. In a new apartment, for a short period of time, the master will give the disassembled furniture the original appearance and set up a place chosen by the owner. Auto SV ()

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