Design and architectural solutions from the team of professionals

Construction companies that design buildings and structures can perform both separate design elements and provide comprehensive services, which includes all the stages of the creation of the project.

The well -established company Studios Architecture&Design finds interesting architectural solutions and performs projects distinguished against the general background of the construction industry. The company’s specialists work with all real estate objects – public construction, residential complexes, individual buildings. The geography of the company’s activities is quite indicative: Ukraine, Russia and Canada.

Stages of designing buildings and structures

The formation of a technical task for design;

preliminary calculation of the consumption of building materials;

development of the architectural concept;

The architectural and construction part (may contain the calculation of structures of metal and architectural solutions. Necessarily contains information about the engineering and hydrogeological features of the construction site. This stage also briefly describes the rationale for the solutions of the architectural and construction profile on the main units. There are also engineering solutions and labor safety solutions);

Architectural solutions. Give a real opportunity to understand the author’s plan about the final implementation of the project. According to GOSTs, drawings of all floors of the building, roof, construction elements are contained;

Calculation of metal structures (all calculations and drawings are carried out strictly in accordance with GOSTs: loads on structures and the foundation, general views, specification of metal components);

calculation of reinforced concrete structures;

calculation of metal detailed structures;

author’s supervision.

Engineering surveys – the basis of successful design

Successful design of rapidly vested buildings is possible only during engineering surveys. This is a serious production process, the results of which are data on the conditions of the construction site. After its conduct, the customer receives a topographic plan, a report on an engineering and geological study, a report on an environmental study.

Based on engineering surveys, design solutions are based. Qualitatively conducted research significantly affect the cost of all construction work.

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