Delicious second courses of healthy vegetables, mushrooms and beans

For the second original dishes from healthy vegetables and mushrooms try to prepare them in such a way that they don’t lose vitamins. To do this, observe a number of rules.

Vitamin C is destroyed by longer cooking of vegetables, contact with iron, air oxygen.

They are cleaned with a stainless steel knife, do not keep them in the open container when cleaned.

Boil them in a pot or a bowl with a tightly closed lid.

With long storage of boiled potatoes and other similar vegetables, their taste deteriorates significantly, and the necessary vitamin C is destroyed, so they use no later than one and a half to two days of tea after cooking.

White home vegetables – cauliflower, potatoes, ham, kohlrabi – cook for a short time, dropping them into the boiling water mass. Drain the water mass much earlier than the vegetables are boiled (say, after about 15 minutes of boiling), and then with low heat bring them to the readiness of steam, which is formed in a tightly closed bowl.

The coarser the vegetables are cut, the less important and nutritious they lose when boiled.

A lump of sugar added to the water mass while the vegetables are cooking will more improve the taste of most resulting dishes.

If you cook a dish, which includes different types of vegetables, then first put the vegetables in the pot, some boil for a long time, for example, white cabbage, and then chopped potatoes and others.

After boiling the main part of vegetables is either immediately put on the boil or pour off the broth so that the taste does not deteriorate.

Artichokes, cauliflower and asparagus are always kept in the broth in which they are boiled.

Boil the beans in 3 to 5 pieces or chopped into strips. Small peas are boiled necessarily whole, the most healthy cut across into 2 – 4 parts.

It is impossible to boil beets and pea pods in a briny water mass, because this gives them an annoying taste.

Better peel boiled vegetables before they get cold.

Steaming vegetables retains more of their soluble nutrients than the boiling in water we are accustomed to. A high-profile steam cooker is good for this. However, it is allowed to use an ordinary pot and drušlak. Pour a third of the water mass into the pot and bring to the boil. After that, put the drumstick with the vegetables in the pot – it does not have to touch the surface of the water or milk. The pot is sealed tightly. Steamed vegetables are cooked either peeled or in mounds.

For the steamed dish to boil more quickly, you need to salt the water in which you put it – the boiling point will rise.

When vegetables are boiled in a healthy amount of water, they lose many nutrients. It is best to poach them. е. simmer in a covered dish with a little liquid or fat without water or milk for 15-20 minutes. During skipping utensils with vegetables must be closed with a lid.

Zucchini, pumpkin, tomatoes and other similar vegetables, which easily give off moisture, are poached without the water mass or milk. Cabbage, carrots, turnips, rutabaga do not have similar properties, which is why they are poached with the addition of fat and liquid, about one kilogram of fresh vegetables taken in a small 0.2 spoon of water or milk and 20 to 50 (grams) of fat).

Sauté spinach at a fairly strong boil in a closed pot. For this purpose, very little milk is poured into a pot, heated until boiling, and the washed spinach is put in and poached. Spinach can not be put down with sorrel, due to the fact that the latter ingredient contains not a little acid, from which spinach becomes severe and, in addition, updates the color.

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