Crowned furniture – upholstered in the literal sense

Want to have a pear, bag or even butterfly in the apartment? To do this, it is not necessary to arrange a garden in the house – a garden. It is enough to purchase a chair or sofa with a poetic (and not very) name. A few facts her story dates back to the 60s of the last century. It was then that the young Italian architects came up with the idea to come up with a chair-dryer with pens, which can be carried with you. Soon they began to appear everywhere with an unusual piece of furniture, which was not only original, but also very convenient. The leaders of one of the furniture factories picked up the idea of ​​creating and put it on stream. Since then, frameless furniture has been a fashionable item of interior, which not only lives, but also acquires more and more fans. And what’s inside? It consists of a filler – foamed polystyrene. This is a safe material that has hypoallergenic properties. It is a round granules of white color, reminiscent of the composition of the foam. Thanks to granules – balls, furniture repeats the shape of the body of the one who sits on it. In this case, the spine is unloaded, arms and legs rest in a position convenient for them. There are no details of wood or metal, it seems to envelop you, taking into her soft hugs, giving peace and rest. Therefore, a chair – a bag is so loved by people with a sick back. Each subject of this type has two covers made of durable materials. The upper part-strong fabric, natural or eco-leather-has a zipper. In this regard, there are no problems with the washing or cleaning the owners. The lower cover with balls is also reliably hidden from damage: it is firmly sewn up. The choice at will today in stores can be seen a huge number of types of frameless furniture. Manufacturers make it for any residential and other premises. You will see her in cafes, offices, libraries. These are sofas, beds, armchairs, ottomans, for example, as on / mobilidea / from Italian furniture masters. At the same time, some items filled with balls are completely no different from their frame brothers. The differences become obvious only after you sit on an unusual sofa. Others, on the contrary, look like outlandish animals. These are ladybugs, butterflies, and sea stars, and curled snails. The last novelty is the sofas “for Lenivans”, which are the fruit of the fantasy of leading Italian designers. Bright puffy sofas are very convenient, and they look extremely original, especially in the style of pop art. But the most common remains in the former chairs – bags, pears and balls. The item on the end of the convenience of this furniture is that it can always be taken with you. For example, on a picnic or cottage. Some originals sitting on it catch fish. In cold weather, a leather chair or a substitute will warm it, and in the summer will cool. The main fans and all the same fans of furniture without a frame are always left children and adolescents. And parents love her for safety. There are no sharp corners here, so you can smoke on it as you want a soul. Or just fall asleep, it is very soft and comfortable on it. Self -movement does not require much effort: weight starts from three kilograms. The rules for choosing in order not to regret buying in the future, it is better to immediately decide for whom it is acquired to a greater extent. Furniture varies in terms of marking respectively the weight and size of a person. So s – choose children under 8 years old, l – withstand a person with a middle complexion, XL – needs large representatives of mankind. It is worth recognizing that frameless furniture has continuous virtues. This is not only a fashionable and cozy, but also a safe item of a modern interior. The choice is yours!

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