Cosmetic skin clay

They say that the face is for a woman this is a business card. Of course, everyone pays attention to grooming and purity of the face. Therefore, you always need to care for the face. This can be done using cosmetic clay. You can also use fruits, vegetables and berries. Cosmetic clay contains substances that are very useful for human skin, trace elements, vitamins and much more.

With the help of clay, you can get rid of acne, peeling, dryness or oily skin, balance is restored. It can be used both for very dry and oily skin, normal skin is also spelled out to maintain a normal state.

Cosmetic clay are different colors. Its composition depends on this, as well as the effect of action, healing and therapeutic properties. Clay can be bought in pharmacies, it is blue, yellow, black, white, red, green clay.

White clay is shown to people whose oily or combined skin she pulls off pores and dries the skin, removes excess fat. Also, with the help of such clay, you can slightly bleach the skin of the face. And it also has a bactericidal effect and anti -inflammatory effect.

Blue clay promotes the healing of wounds on the skin, and also prevents the appearance of acne. It helps to smooth out facial wrinkles, improves complexion, refreshes the skin. With the help of blue clay, freckles and white pigment spots, the consequences of a disease as vitiligo can be lightened. It is also more suitable for people with oily skin.

Green clay removes oily shine and dries, pulls the skin. Cleans the pores of the face very well. And it also restores the water balance of the skin, blood circulation increases. Therefore, the skin remains young and fresh for a very long time.

Red clay can safely use people whose skin is susceptible to allergic reactions. It even helps to reduce the itching of the skin, if any.

It, unlike other masks, is used for dry and peeling skin. Blood circulation improves, oxygen enters the skin more.

And also use pink clay, which is obtained by mixing red and white clays. It helps to soften and rejuvenate the skin. Suitable for any type of face. Can smooth out wrinkles, the skin will become elastic and velvety.

Yellow clay is suitable for oily and combined skin, old and wilting, flabby skin. Can remove acne and acne from the face. This is a good tonic tool with which you can improve the complexion and rejuvenate the skin.

Black clay removes toxins from the human body. Black clay is not suitable for each skin. It may like it to a person with oily and dry skin, it is still not clear who she is approaching. It contains iron, strontium, potassium, calcium and magnesium in its composition. It also has different actions: it can dry the skin, or it can, on the contrary, soften it and nourish it.

You can buy any type of clay in a pharmacy and try to use it at least once. See how the skin will react to her. Maybe inflammation or allergies will begin. In general, it is best to address this issue to a cosmetologist or a dermatologist who will say exactly which clay should be used and which does not. Do not use clay if it does not fit the skin of the face at all. You can only harm your body. It is necessary to use various cosmetics wisely. And you can also read more about this on the Internet or in the literature. It is necessary to read labels on packages, on which there is a description of clay, and also why it is intended and for which type of face it is suitable. Therefore, you need to read labels and ask for consultants in pharmacies.

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