Corrugated new type of building material

An important stage in the construction of the house is to buy a good roof and its installation. I must admit, our choice is not large: bitumen is bought for a flat roof, and slate for the pitched roof. One and another type of roof has many significant drawbacks. For this reason, a roof from corrugated board is gaining more and more popularity.

Another name for this material is corrugated. All because the corrugated board is corrugated sheets made of galvanized steel, which makes them much stronger than slate and bitumen, and more persistent weather conditions for aggressive weather.

Installation of corrugated board is quite simple. As well as slate, corrugrolors spread on the roof with an overlap on one wave. Thanks to this method of installation, the roof of your house will never give a leak. Metal sheets are quite light, so they must be fixed with nails (they are much less often welded). After that, even strong winds will not be afraid of your roof.

Features of the slate

The wavy shape of the corrugated man does not allow water to linger on the roof. This is especially true in regions with wet and rainy climate. Selfer also has a wavy structure, but it is much more fragile and does not withstand serious loads. But the corrugated board is able to withstand up to three meters of snow on one square meter of coating.

Having great advantages over other types of roofs in combination with an inexpensive price, the corrugated board has every chance to supplant their direct competitors. There is still a soft roof. It looks much more spectacular, it can be installed even in winter, good in characteristics, but much more expensive. This makes it Mene popular and attractive to buy.

Construction technologies

I must admit, construction technologies, like materials, stepped far ahead. Many new technical and safe materials appeared on the market, which will soon replace their predecessors. This applies to the roof. Slate and bitumen no longer correspond to modern ideas about quality, so many experts believe that demand for them will drop sharply enough soon.

During the construction of modern houses, it is worth choosing between the corrugated board and the soft roof. If your construction can be attributed to the category of expensive and elite housing, of course, a soft roof should be installed. When it comes to the construction of a quite ordinary house or a small suburban building, it is better to install corrugated board so as not to overpay.

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