Corrugated cardboard: modern consumables

Credited cardboard or corrugated cardboard is one of the most popular types of packaging containers in the consumer environment. Such packaging has long been recognized as universal: it is not damaged even during prolonged transportation, as it has a multilayer structure.

Layers of corrugated cardboard alternate honey themselves: flat with corrugated. Their number, as a rule, is different-currently exists from 2 to 7 layers. From the seven -layer corrugation, the most durable and reliable container is produced, which is used for consumer or transport purposes.

Such consumables have a lot of advantages before a similar package. So, corrugated cardboard is different:

environmentally friendly production. At the stage of checking the material, defective sheets are disposed of without problems and harm to the environment;

lightness, strength and incredible plasticity. It is these qualities of corrugated cardboard that make it almost indispensable in modern industry and a number of other spheres;

ease of use. Corrugated cardboard is easily folded and also unfolds if necessary;

A quick and simple process of packaging of any type in corrugated containers;

adequate value. Acceptable prices for corrugated cardboard are due to the availability of raw materials and simple production technology.

Coroned cardboard today is used quite widely. It is difficult to name the industry where this universal and multifunctional container has not yet been used. This is printing, and the food industry, and the construction area, and the perfume and cosmetic segment of the market, and, of course, pharmaceuticals.

With the help of corrugated cardon, products are packaged at large food and industrial enterprises, in factories and factories, and private individuals use it during crossings or repair work.

Today we can confidently say that corrugated cardboard almost completely replaced the morally obsolete plastic boxes and bulky wooden boxes. This is logical, because corrugated cardboard is not only easier than a wooden or plastic container, but also more practical. In addition, packaging material made of corrugated cardboard is very simple and safe in disposal.

By purchasing corrugated cardboard for packaging of goods, large enterprises and very small production significantly save on this budget article.

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