Convenient panel for setting up a server: advantages of use

Servers are an important part of corporate or remote work. They allow you to organize collective interaction, store a huge amount of information, and perform various calculations. It is proposed to purchase server control software.

Control Panel Features

This type of software allows you to configure the server, install various applications on it and perform many other actions. The Irkutsk company offers its software, called Ispmanager, installed on dedicated and virtual servers.

Among the features of the control panel it is worth highlighting:

  1. Website management where you can install various systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla. The panel supports almost any version of the programming languages PHP, Python, Node. There is a file manager through which you can download a variety of data. Graphical code editor installed.
  2. There is a built-in email client to create an address on your own domain, giving it a memorable name. There are applications for sorting mail and answering machines.
  3. The security system includes protection against DDoS attacks and antivirus programs to prevent malware from penetrating websites and email. It is possible to set up automated backup of information.
  4. It is possible to manage SSL certificates for trusted sites. Free options are updated and installed automatically.

The control panel is aimed primarily at site managers; it has a built-in designer that allows you to quickly get the job done. Developers will benefit from the ability to work with different programming languages that are used to create web resources.

Ispmanager will help system administrators in managing resources, from installing programs to monitoring security. Hosting providers can offer a control panel to their clients who rent servers or domains from them.


The control panel is proven, used on millions of servers around the world. It is constantly being developed and updated, taking into account current trends and the wishes of specific clients.

A two-week full version is offered for testing so that you can study all the features and advantages of the software. The technical support service is ready to explain in detail all the features of the panel and give recommendations around the clock.

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